2012 Charlotte, NC Overall Winners

Mini Solo

3rd Hot Wings-Dance Dynamics

2nd Dinosaur-Rhonda’s School of Dance

1st There’s A Hero-Easley Dance Conservatory

Petite Recreational Solo

10th Get Like Me-Easley Dance Conservatory

9th Start Jumpin-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

8th Firework-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

7th Give It Up-Studio J Dance Center

6th Now That I See You-Motion Dance Studio

5th Almost There-Motion Dance Studio

4th Glam-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

3rd Born To Be Wild-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

2nd Have A Nice Life-Motion Dance Studio

1st Candle On The Water-Easley Dance Conservatory

Petite Intermediate Solo

3rd See The Light-Alternative Steps

2nd Shake It Up-Center Stage Dance Academy

1st Good Company-Center Stage Dance Academy

Petite Competitive Solo

10th Spider-Studio Elite

9th Walk Like An Egyptian-Studio Elite

8th Party People-Carolina Dance Academy

7th ABC-Studio Elite

6th The Boy I’m Gonna Marry-Center Stage Dance Academy

5th Can’t Turn Me Loose-Center Stage Dance Academy

4th Shake A Little Something-Dance Visions

3rd Colors Of The Wind-Studio Elite

2nd Tribal Dance-Center Stage Dance Academy

1st Not Alone-Center Stage Dance Academy

Junior Recreational Solo

10th My Wish-Alternative Steps

9th The Way You Make Me Feel-Let’s Dance Studio

8th La Fillie Mal Gardee-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

8th Hit Me Up-Motion Dance Studio

7th Hit Me With A Hot Note-Motion Dance Studio

6th My Kinda Guy-Let’s Dance Studio

5th Real Wild Child-Studio J Dance Center

4th Where Is Love-Let’s Dance Studio

3rd School’s out-Studio J Dance Center

2nd Pardon My Southern Accent-Let’s Dance Studio

1st Pennies From Heaven-Let’s Dance Studio

Junior Intermediate Solo

10th Cinderella-Studio Elite

9th Build Me Up Buttercup-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

8th I Can’t Say No-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

7th I Want To Be A Ballerina-Dancerz Stage

6th Another Cha Cha-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

5th Dreams-Motion Dance Studio

4th I Want To Go To Hollywood-Motion Dance Studio

3rd Have Your Own Way-Motion Dance Studio

2nd It’s Only Life-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

1st Hit Me Up-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Junior Competitive Solo

5th Oh My Gosh-Carolina Dance Academy

4th Stupid-Easley Dance Conservatory

3rd Big Time-Rhythm On Main Dance Academy

2nd Doctor Jazz-Rhythm On Main Dance Academy

1st Daydreamer-Motion Dance Studio

Teen Recreational Solo

3rd Welcome To Burlesque-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

2nd Mister Saxo Beat-Broadway Bound

1st Blessings-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Teen Intermediate Solo

10th Sort Of-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

9th I Gotcha-Motion Dance Studio

8th Sweet Georgia Brown-Let’s Dance Studio

7th Say Goodbye-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

6th Time After Time-Let’s Dance Studio

5th Candlelight-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

4th Tea Party-Alternative Steps

3rd Mad World-Alternative Steps

2nd Speaking French-Let’s Dance Studio

1st One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show-Let’s Dance Studio

Teen Competitive Solo

10th It Doesn’t Hurt-Dancerz Stage

9th Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha-Mint Hill Dance Center

8th Cut-Dance Visions

7th Mambo Swing-Studio Elite

6th Hit Me With A Hot Note-Center Stage Dance Academy

5th Streets Of Gold-Easley Dance Conservatory

4th Unsteady-Grand Central Academy of Performing Arts

3rd Once Upon A Dream-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

2nd Let Me Think About It-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

1st One Moment More-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Senior Recreational Solo

3rd Street Creed-Dance Visions

2nd Another Planet-Studio J Dance Center

1st Firecracker-Studio J Dance Center

Senior Intermediate Solo

10th Mercy-Let’s Dance Studio

9th Make Me Whole-Alternative Steps

8th Not Afraid To Be Me-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

7th Pure Imagination-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

6th Turning Tables-Tonya’s Dance Academy

5th Crazy For You-Broadway Bound

4th Sexy Silk-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

3rd Party Rock-Broadway Bound

2nd Dance-Let’s Dance Studio

1st One Moment More-Let’s Dance Studio

Senior Competitive Solo

10th Hallelujah-Center Stage Dance Academy

9th Everything-Carolina Dance Academy

8th Ain’t No Way-Center Stage Dance Academy

7th The Bird Song-Carolina Dance Academy

6th Someone Like You-Rhythm On Main Dance Academy

5th Last One To Know-Easley Dance Conservatory

4th Freak’um Dress-Rhythm Dance

3rd Play On-Rhythm Dance

2nd Heartburn-Studio Elite

1st The Way I Am-Rhythm Dance

Mini Trio

1st Shake A Tailfeather-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Petite Recreational Duet

3rd-We Go Together-Alternative Steps

2nd Hot And Cold-Motion Dance Studio

1st Deuces-Next Step Dance

Petite Intermediate Duet

1st Mother Knows Best-Alternative Steps


Petite Competitive Duet

1st One In The Same-Carolina Dance Academy


Petite Recreational Trio

1st Girl-Girlfriend-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

Petite Intermediate Trio

1st Hallelujah-Alternative Steps

Petite Competitive Trio

1st-What Goes Around Comes Around-Dance Visions

Junior Recreational Duet

3rd Let’s Get Loud-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

2nd On The Floor-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

1st Hit Me up-Miss Marion’s School of Dance


Junior Intermediate Duet

3rd Friendship-Grand Central Academy of Performing Arts

2nd Slow Me Down-Motion Dance Studio

1st Already Home-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Junior Competitive Duet

3rd Banjo Fantasy-Dance Visions

2nd Stomp To My Beat-Center Stage Dance Academy

1st Yankee Doodle Dandy-Carolina Dance Academy

Junior Recreational Trio

3rd Workin Day And Night-Broadway Bound

2nd The Fame-Struttin N Style Dance & Tumble Center

1st You Give Love A Bad Name-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Junior Intermediate Trio

3rd Girls of Rock N Roll-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

2nd Working Day And Night-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

1st Singing In The Rain-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

Junior Competitive Trio

3rd Boogie Woogie-Grand Central Academy of Performing Arts

2nd All The Way-Carolina Dance Academy

1st Jump-Center Stage Dance Academy


Teen Recreational Duet

3rd Holding Out For A Hero-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

2nd Pump It-Studio J Dance Center

1st Party Rock-Studio J Dance Center

Teen Recreational Trio

1st I Don’t Believe You-Alternative Steps

Teen Intermediate Duet

5th Pass At Me-Broadway Bound

4th Numb-Broadway Bound

3rd About That Walk-Let’s Dance Studio

2nd The Virus-Alternative Steps

1st If I Fall-Let’s Dance Studio

Teen Intermediate Trio

1st That Girl-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

Teen Competitive Duet

5th Dock Of The Bay-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

4th Double Trouble-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

3rd I Dreamed A Dream-Easley Dance Conservatory

2nd 3,6,9-Center Stage Dance Academy

1st Into The Light-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Teen Competitive Trio

5th Hot Stuff-Center Stage Dance Academy

4th Burlesque-Dancerz Stage

3rd Color Blind-Dancerz Stage

2nd This Joint Is Jumpin-Next Step Dance

1st Hot Like Wow-Center Stage Dance Academy

Mini Small Group

3rd Happy House-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

2nd Carolina Girls-Carolina Dance Academy

1st Rockin Robin-Carolina Dance Academy

Petite Recreational Small Group

10th For Our World-Easley Dance Conservatory

9th Cat In The Hat-In Motion Dance Center

8th Shake it Up-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

7th Aristocats-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

6th School’s Out-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

5th Do It Like This-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

4th Lonely Goatherd-Studio J Dance Center

3rd When I Grow Up-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

2nd Searchin-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

1st NSD Guys Crew-Next Step Dance


Petite Intemediate Small Group

5th Goody Goody-Next Step Dance

4th Fierce-Next Step Dance

3rd Coolin-Next Step Dance

2nd True Colors-Next Step Dance

1st He’s Sure The Boy I Love-Center Stage Dance Academy

Petite Competitive Small Group

5th Trickle, Trickle-Carolina Dance Academy

4th Smile-Dance Visions

3rd Mr. Postman-Carolina Dance Academy

2nd I Like Boys-Center Stage Dance Academy

1st Rockin’ Robin-Center Stage Dance Academy

Junior Recreational Small Group

3rd Let’s Do This-Step 2 It Dance Studio

2nd Funky Monkey-Step 2 It Dance Studio

1st Think-Studio J Dance Center

Junior Intermediate Small Group

5th Total Eclipse Of The Heart-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

4th Freeze Frame-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

3rd Runaway Baby-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

2nd Imagine-Motion Dance Studio

1st Hot Honey Rag-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

Junior Competitive Small Group

10th Flirtatious-Dance Visions

9th Slumber Party-Carolina Dance Academy

8th Wonderful World-Dance Visions

7th Every Season-Carolina Dance Academy

6th Shawty Get Loose-Carolina Dance Academy

5th Run The World-Next Step Dance

4th Freeze Frame-Carolina Dance Academy

3rd Tightrope-Next Step Dance

2nd Collide-Next Step Dance

1st School Days-Carolina Dance Academy

Petite Recreational Large Group

10th We Got The Beat-Studio J Dance Center

9th Hush-In Motion Dance Center

8th Welcome To The Tea Party-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

7th It’s A Groove Thing-In Motion Dance Center

6th Step Outside-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

5th L.O.V.E.-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

4th Pirates Of The Carribean-Motion Dance Studio

3rd NSD Boys Crew #2-Next Step Dance

2nd Boys Will Be Boys-Next Step Dance

1st Red Alert-Next Step Dance

Petite Recreational Super Group

1st Revenge Of The Nerds-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Petite Competitive Large Group

1st Hard Knock life-Dance Visions

Junior Recreational Large Group

5th Beautiful-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

4th James Brown Tribute-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

3rd Waltz From Don Quixote-Center Stage Dance Academy

2nd Avatar-Motion Dance Studio

1st Toyland-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

Junior Recreational Super Group

1st Tarantella-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

Junior Intermediate Large Grou

5th Greatest Love-In Motion Dance Center

4th Born This Way-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

3rd Anything Goes-In Motion Dance Center

2nd Blue Jeans-Center Stage Dance Academy

1st There’s No Business Like Show Business-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

Junior Competitive Large Group

3rd Dream-Dance Visions

2nd Lullaby-Studio Elite

1st Hit Me Up-Studio Elite

Junior Recreational Production

1st Go Light Your World-Easley Dance Conservatory

Junior Intermediate Production

3rd Treasure Chest-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

2nd The Lion King-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

1st Around The World-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

Junior Competitive Production

3rd Bass-Dance Visions

2nd Gotta Dance-Dance Visions

1st Crunk Christmas-Carolina Dance Academy

Crowd Pleaser

NSD Guys Crew-Next Step Dance

James Brown Tribute-Fascinating Rhythm Studios


Swagger Chicks-Mint Hill Dance Center

Pirates Of The Caribbean-Motion Dance Studio


Lonely Goatherd-Studio J Dance Center

Wonderful World-Dance Visions

Go Light Your World-Easley Dance Conservatory

Petite Grand Champion

Rockin Robin-Center Stage Dance Academy

Junior Grand Champion

Crunk Christmas-Carolina Dance Academy

Teen Recreational Small Group

5th Animal-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

4th Who You Are-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

3rd Set Fire To The Rain-Studio J Dance Center

2nd Man With A Hex-Cheryl’s Dance Center

1st La Bayadere-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

Teen Intermediate Small Group

10th Fearless-Motion Dance Studio

9th The Garden-Alternative Steps

8th How I Roll-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

7th Set Fire To The Rain-Broadway Bound

6th Never Is A Promise-Alternative Steps

5th Tappin 5678-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

4th Sexy And I Know It-Broadway Bound

3rd Burlesque-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

2nd I Got Rhythm-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

1st Weightless-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Teen Competitive Small Group

5th Storm-Dance Visions

4th Seasons Of Love-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

3rd Lifeless-Dance Visions

2nd Dynamite-Studio Elite

1st Mad World-Easley Dance Conservatory

Senior Intermediate Small Group

1st More-Arts Evanjelica

Senior Competitive Small Group

3rd All I Want Is here-Next Step Dance

2nd Numb-Next Step Dance

1st Black Velvet-Cheryl’s Dance Centre

Teen Recreational Large Group

5th Said So-Next Step Dance

4th Dream-Rhonda’s School of Dance

3rd Super Freak-Rhonda’s School of Dance

2nd Cabaret-Motion Dance Studio

1st Dance To The Music-Studio J Dance Center

Teen Intermediate Large Group

3rd Here I Come-Studio J Dance Center

2nd Different Love Song-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

1st Are You Gonna Go My Way-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Teen Intermediate Super Group

3rd A 5th Of Beethoven-In Motion Dance Center

2nd Welcome To The Jungle-Rhonda’s School of Dance

1st Without You-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Teen Competitive Large Group

5th Rain Over Me-Carolina Dance Academy

4th Man In The Mirror-Carolina Dance Academy

3rd For Hannah-Rhonda’s School of Dance

2nd Feeling Good-Rhonda’s School of Dance

1st Jumpin Jive-Miss Marion’s School of Dance

Teen Competitive Super Group

1st Fashionista-Dance Visions

Senior Intermediate Large Group

1st Christmas In Ireland-Arts Evanjelica

Senior Production

1st Rhythm Of Savannah-Studio Elite


Crowd Pleaser Award

A 5th Of Beethoven-In Motion Dance Center

Entertainment Award

Feeling Good-Rhonda’s School of Dance

Choreography Award

The Garden-Alternative Steps

Without You-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Teen/Senior Grand Champion

Weightless-Fascinating Rhythm Studios