National Photogenic Champion

Shelby Howell-Dance Reflections


Alex Gray Shover Award

Kylie Justice-The Carolina Strut


America’s Dancer of the Year

Sierra Ballard-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions


America’s Teacher of the Year

Susan Morris-Dance Reflections


America’s Studio of the Year

The Carolina Strut


National Production Showdown


When I Grow Up-Dance World

Dancin’ Divas-Main Street Dance

Let’s Go To The Movies-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

Under The Big Top-Bobbi’s School of Dance

Rockin’ 50’s Diner-Main Street Dance

Oh The Places You’ll Go-Main Street Dance

The Tony Awards-Dance World

Cirque De Strut-The Carolina Strut

3rd-Place-Icons-Elite Dance Center

2nd Place-70’s TV-Those Were The Days-Main Street Dance

1st Place-Charlie and The Chocolate Factory-Dance Reflections


8 & under BRAVO AWARDS


Lipgloss-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

Black or White-The Carolina Strut

Ladidadida-Center Stage

Knock on Wood-Elite Dance Center

Beam Me Up-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

Candy-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

My Boyfriend’s Back-Bobbi’s School of Dance

Boots-The Carolina Strut

Little Dolls-Studio K

Crusin For a Brusin-Bobbi’s School of Dance

Material Girl-Dance Dimensions

Slumber Party-Blair Dance Studio

Rockin’ Robin-Dance World


8 & under National Entertainment Award

School House Rock-Elite Dance Center


8 & under Crowd Pleaser Award

Andy’s Room-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions


8 & under Choreography Award

Holiday Wind Up Dolls-LeeAnne Ashley Studio of Dance


Tiny Group Grand National Champions

Andy’s Room-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions


Mini Group Grand National Champions

Material Girl-Dance Dimensions


Tiny Victory Cup (Super Grand National Champion of Champions)

Andy’s Room-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions


Mini Victory Cup (Super Grand National Champion of Champions)

Beam Me Up-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions


Tiny Solo

3rd-Lipgloss-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

2nd-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Elite Dance Center

1st-Black or White-The Carolina Strut


Mini Vocal Solo

1st-Let It Go-CC Dance Company


Mini Solo Recreational

5th-I Enjoy Being A Girl-Let’s Dance Studio

4th-Where’s The Party-The Carolina Strut

3rd-Candle on the Water-Encore Academy of Dance

2nd-You Can’t Get A Man-Blair Dance Studio

1st-Hair Like This-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions


Mini Solo Intermediate

7th-Little House-The Carolina Strut

6th-Pose-The Carolina Strut

5th-Headphones-Ms. Robins Academy of Dance

4th-Pap Can You Hear Me-Dance Dimensions

3rd-Knock On Wood-Elite Dance Center

2nd-I Can Only Imagine-Elite Dance Center

1st-Ladidadia-Center Stage


Mini Solo Competitive

3rd-Imagine-Dance Academy

2nd-When You Believe-Encore Academy of Dance

1st-Beam Me Up-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions


Tiny Duet/Trio

3rd-My Boyfriend’s Back-Bobbi’s School of Dance

2nd-Candy-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

1st-Crocodile Rock-The Carolina Strut


Mini Duet/Trio Recreational

3rd-Lil’ Monstas-The Carolina Strut

2nd-Boots-The Carolina Strut

1st-You’re The Reason-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions


Mini Duet/Trio Competitive

1st-That’s What I Like-Bobbi’s School of Dance


Tiny Small Group

5th-Little Shop of Horrors-Dance Reflections

4th-I Want Candy-Bobbi’s School of Dance

3rd-Purley Prehistoric-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

2nd-School House Rock-Elite Dance Center

1st-Hey Mickey-Dance Reflections


Tiny Large Group

3rd-Mr. Postman-Dance Academy

2nd-Country Girls-Bobbi’s School of Dance

1st-Andy’s Room-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions


Mini Small Group Recreational

6th-How Will I Know-The Carolina Strut

5th-Little Dolls-Studio K

4th-When I grow Up-Blair Dance Studio

3rd-Devil With A Blue Dress-Studio J Dance Center

2nd-Slumber Party-Blair Dance Studio

1st-Holiday Wind Up Dolls-LeeAnne Ashley Studio of Dance


Mini Small Group Recreational

5th-Bollywood-Elite Dance Center

4th-A Place For Us-Elite Dance Center

3rd-Dream-Elite Dance Center

2nd-Don’t Stop-Elite Dance Center

1st-Crusin Fro A Brusin’-Elite Dance Center


Mini Small Group Competitive

3rd-Crocodile Rock-Bobbi’s School of Dance

2nd-Crusin For A Brusin-Bobbi’s School of Dance

1st-Boogie Shoes-Bobbi’s School of Dance


Mini Large Group Recreational

10th-Singing in the Rain-Dance Academy

9th-Route 66-Main Street Dance

8th-Like Me-Dance World

7th-We Like To Party-Studio Elite

6th-Red Riding Hood-Main Street Dance

5th-Little Egypt-Studio Elite

4th-Peppermint Twist-Dance World

3rd-Yes My Darling Daughter-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

2nd-Rockin Robin-Dance World

1st-Jungle Drum-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions


Mini Large Group Intermediate

5th-Music Makes You Move-Dance Academy

4th-Firework-Dance Dimensions

3rd-Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous-Dance Dimensions

2nd-Roar-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

1st-Material Girl-Dance Dimensions


Mini Super Group

3rd-Bigger Isn’t Better-Main Street Dance

2nd-Itsy Bitsy Spider-Main Street Dance

1st-Brodway Baby-Main Street Dance




Soul Man-Studio J Dance Center

Blow-Floyd Ward School of Dance

I Had A Dream-Dance Reflections

Cha Cha Heels-Floyd Ward School of Dance

Oceans-The Carolina Strut

Covergirl-Main Street Dance

Mother’s Prayer-Elite Dance Center

I Like To Fuss-Bobbi’s School of Dance

Technologic-Dancin Debbie’s

Colors-The Carolina Strut

In The Mood-Center Stage

L.O.V.E-Main Street Dance

Brave-Blair Dance Studio

Winter Song-LeeAnn Ashley Studio of Dance

People Help The People-Elite Dance Center

Man of La Mancha-Let’s Dance Studio

I Wanna Be Loved By You-Barbie’s Encore Dance Producions

Youth-Arts Alive

My Feet Can’t Fail Me Now-Dancin Debbie’s

Papa-LeeAnne Ashley Studio of Dance

In Better Hands-The Carolina Strut

Gimme Gimme-Let’s Dance

Wild Wild West-Main Street Dance

I Like Danny-Blair Dance Studio

Talk to the Animals-Dance World

Pirates!!!-Studio Elite

Bye Bye Blackbird-The Carolina Strut

Be The Change-Bobbi’s School of Dance

Never Alone-Studio J


9-12 National Entertainment Award

Revenge of the Nerds-Center Stage


9-12 National Crowd Pleaser Award

Witch Doctor-Studio 45


9-12 National Choreography Award

Greatest Love Of All-Dance Impressions


Petite Group Grand National Champion

Greased Lightning-Rhonda’s School of Dance


Junior Group Grand National Champion

Oz-Elite Dance Center


Petite Victory Cup (Super Grand National Champion of Champions)

Oceans-The Carolina Strut


Junior Victory Cup (Super Grand National Champion of Champions)

Oz-Elite Dance Center


Petite Solo Recreational

10th-My Wish-The Carolina Strut

9th-Yankee Doodle-Dancin Debbie’s

8th-Ony Hope-Barbie’s Encore Dance Producitons

7th-Sahek Senora-Dancin Debbie’s

6th-Heads Will Roll-Dancin Debbie’s

5th-On Broadway-Artistry in Motion

4th-My Strongest Suit-Artistry in Motion

3rd-Soul Man-Studio J Dance Center

2nd-Wigs-The Carolina Strut

1st-Rockin On Top of the World-Dancin Debbie’s


Petite Solo Intermediate

10th-I’m A Monster-Elite Dance Center

9th-Breakaway-The Carolina Strut

8th-You’ll Be In My Heart-Blair Dance Studio

7th-Sweeter-The Carolina Strut

6th-Cruella Deville-Dance Reflections

5th-Sassy Snow White-Dance Reflections

4th-Covergirl-Main Street Dance

3rd-Let It Go-Ms. Robins Academy of Dance

2nd -I Had A Dream-Dance Reflections

1st-Oceans-The Carolina Strut


Petite Solo Competitive

7th-Blah, Blah, Blah, Cha Cha-Balir Dance Studio

6th-Quiet-Encore Academy of Dance

5th-Spanish Rose-Studio 45

4th-I Like To Fuss-Bobbi’s School of Dance

3rd-Tears of An Angel-Floyd ward School of Dance

2nd-Cha Cha Heels-Floyd Ward School of Dance

1st-Blow-Floyd Ward School of Dance


Petite Duet/Trio Recreational

10th-Juke Box-Main Street Dance

9th-Ac-cent-tuate the Positive-Main Street Dance

8th-Crocodile Rock-Main Street Dance

7th-Pink Petty Coats-Main Street Dance

6th-Bust A Move-Studio J Dance Center

5th-Freeze Frame-Main Street Dance

4th-Fall For You-The Carolina Strut

3rd-Watch Me!-Artistry In Motion

2nd-Colors-The Carolina Strut

1st-Technologic-Dancin Debbie’s


Petite Duet/Trio Intermediate

6th-One Drop-Studio J Dance Center

5th-Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better-Dance Dimensions

4th-I Can Do Better-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

3rd-The Stepsisters-Center Stage

2nd-Cover Girls-Dance Reflections

1st-In The Mood-Center Stage


Petite Duet/Trio Competitive

4th-Jailhouse Rock-Blair Dance Studio

3rd-Shut It Down-Bobbi’s School of Dance

2nd-ABC-Blair Dance Studio

1st-Only Hope-Floyd Ward School of Dance


Junior Overall Vocal Solo

1st-Pulled-Let’s Dance Studio


Junior Solo Recreational

10th-Forget About the Boy-Dance World

9th-Beautiful Day-Studio Elite

8th-Oh So Quiet-Studio Elite

7th-Does Anybody Hear Her-Dance World

6th-What Love Is This-Studio K

5th-My Boyfriend’s Back-Studio J Dance Center

4th-Up and Away-Studio J Dance Center

3rd-Swing with Me Baby-Studio Elite

3rd-Titanium-Ms. Robins Academy of Dance

2nd-My Feet Can’t Fail Me Now-Dancin Debbie’s

1st-Youth-Arts Alive


Junior Solo Intermediate

15th-Pajamas-LeeAnne Ashley Studio of Dance

14th-In The Mood-Elite Dance Center

13th-Miss Invisible-Let’s Dance Studio

13th-Showoff-The Carolina Strut

12th-Everything At Once-The Carolina Strut

11th-Everywhere I Go-The Carolina Strut

10th-There’ll Be Some Changes Made-Studio J Dance Center

9th-As Good As It Gets-The Carolina Strut

8th-Do Your Thing-The Carolina Strut

7th-This Is Not The End-The Carolina Strut

6th-Five Guys Named Moe-Let’s Dance Studio

5th-In Better Hands-The Carolina Strut

4th-Orange Colored Sky-Let’s Dance Studio

3rd-Love You So-The Carolina Strut

2nd-Man of LaMancha-Let’s Dance Studio

1st-Ordinary Miracle-Let’s Dance Studio


Junior Solo Competitive

15th-Fearless-Bobbi’s School of Dance

14th-Pretty Face-Studio 45

13th-Army of Me-Bobbi’s School of Dance

12th-Gimme Gimme-Let’s Dance

11th-Fix You-Bobbi’s School of Dance

10th-Count Me In-LeeAnne Ashley Studio of Dance

9th-Dream-Studio 45

9th-Heads Will Roll-Elite Dance Center

8th-The Writer-Elite Dance Center

7th-I Like Danny-Blair Dance Studio

6th-Applause-Elite Dance Center

5th-I Wanna Be Loved By You-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

4th-It’s Only Life-Blair Dance Studio

3rd-Titanium-Elite Dance Center

2nd-Papa-LeeAnne Ashley Studio of Dance

1st-People Help the People-Elite Dance Center


Junior Duet/Trio Recreational

6th-It Takes Two-Main Street Dance

5th-Gift of A Friend-Studio K

4th-Never Grow Up-The Carolina Strut

3rd-Me and My Shadow-Dance Impressions

2nd-Happy-Dancin Debbie’s

1st-Eyes on Fire-The Carolina Strut


Junior Duet/Trio Intermediate

10th-Whenever You Remember-Let’s Dance Studio

9th-Big Finish-The Carolina Strut

8th-Pom Pons-Studio J Dance Center

7th-Rock This Town-Main Street Dance

6th-Fithy McNasty-Center Stage

5th-Queen Bees-The Carolina Strut

4th-L.O.V.E-Main Street Dance

3rd-Take Me Dancing-The Carolina Strut

2nd-Mercy, Mercy-The Carolina Strut

1st-Only You-The Carolina Strut


Junior Duet/Trio Competitive

10th-Me and My Girls-Bobbi’s School of Dance

9th-Supersonic-Bobbi’s School of Dance

8th-Colorz-Bobbi’s School of Dance

7th-How Low-LeeAnneAshley Studio of Dance

6th-I’ll Stand By You-Bobbi’s School of Dance

5th-Move It Like This-Studio 45

4th-Make The World Move-Bobbi’s School of Dance

3rd-For Once In My Life-Blair Dance Studio

2nd-Brave-Blair Dance Studio

1st-Winter Song-LeeAnne Ashley Studio of Dance


Petite Small Group Recreational

8th-Divas-Main Street Dance

8th-Beat-Dance World

7th-Distortion-Dance Dimensions

6th-Still Rock N Roll to Me-Main Street Dance

5th-Shake Senora-Dance Dimensions

4th-Mystere-Studio Elite

3rd-Let It Be-Dance Dimensions

2nd-Great Gosh Almighty-Studio Elite

1st-Bellhop Boogie-Dancin Debbie’s


Petite Small Group Intermediate

8th-Wild Wild Party-Elite Dance Center

7th-Got Cheetos-LeeAnne Ashley Studio of Dance

6th-Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair-Center Stage

5th-Spell On You-Center Stage

4th-Hiar-Blair Dance Studio

3rd-Courage Is-Blair Dance Studio

2nd-This Time-The Carolina Strut

1st-You Are For Me-Elite Dance Center


Petite Small Group Competitive

3rd-Let’s Hear It For The Boy-Bobbi’s School of Dance

2nd-Earth Song-Bobbi’s School of Dance

1st-There’s A Place For Us-Blair Dance Studio


Petite Large Group Competitive

10th-Blackbird-Studio J Dance Center

9th-No Parking on the Dance Floor-Blair Dance Studio

8th-Keep On Dancing-Studio K

7th-Party-Main Street Dance

6th-Theme From Mission Impossible-Dance World

5th-God Help The Outcasts-Dance Impressions

4th-Call Me Maybe-Dance Impressions

3rd-Build Me Up Buttercup-Dance Impressions

2nd-Bellhop Boogie-Dance World

1st-Walkin’ In The Rain-Main Street Dance


Petite Large Group Intermediate

5th-Commander-Blair Dance Studio

4th-Bang Bang-Studio J Dance Center

3rd-Crusin’ For A Brusin-Studio J Dance Center

2nd-Crusin For A Brusin-Dance Reflections

1st-Ain;t Nothing Wrong With That-Dance Reflections


Petite Super Group Recreational

3rd-Pom Pons-Dance World

2nd-Talk To The Animals-Dance World

1st-Pirates-Studio Elite


Petite Super Group Intermediate

3rd-Symphony-Dance Academy

2nd-I Will Carry You-Rhonda’s School of Dance

1st-Greased Lightning-Rhonda’s School of Dance


Petite Super Group Competitive

1st-Berst Song Ever-Bobbi’s School of Dance


Junior Small Group Recreational

1st-Pose-Studio J Dance Center


Junior Small Group Intermediate

5th-State of Emergency-The Carolina Strut

4th-Batman-Main Street Dance

3rd-My Boyfriend’s Back-Main Street Dance

2nd-Jump Shout Boogie-Dance Reflections

1st-Gratitude-Main Street Dance


Junior Small Group Competitive

10th-Rock Your Soul-Dance Academy

9th-Cup Song-Bobbi’s School of Dance

8th-Strength-Elite Dance Center

7th-Daddy Come Home-Bobbi’s School of Dance

6th-Cups-Studio 45

5th-Black and Gold-Elite Dance Center

4th-JT-Elite Dance Center

3rd-Peanut Butter Jelly Time-Bobbi’s School of Dance

2nd-Let’s Get Loud-Bobbi’s School of Dance

1st-Prasie To The Lord-LeeAnne Ashley Studio of Dance


Junior Large Group Recreational

3rd-Where We Belong-Dance Impressions

2nd-Drama Queen-Dance Impressions

1st-Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy-Dance Impressions


Junior Large Group Intermediate

10th-Another Openin’, Another Show-Main Street Dance

9th-It Don’t Mean A Thing-Dance World

8th-Top Of the World-Dance World

7th-Counting Stars-Main Street Dance

6th-Never Alone-Studio J Dance Center

5th-Boondocks-Main Street Dance

4th-Can’t Turn You Loose-Main Street Dance

3rd-Revenge of the Nerds-Center Stage

2nd-Sea Cruise-Center Stage

1st-Bye Bye Blackbird-The Carolina Strut


Junior Large Group Competitive

8th-Be The Change-Bobbi’s School of Dance

7th-Centerfield-Bobbi’s School of Dance

6th-Party Rock Anthem-Bobbi’s School of Dance

5th-Never Alone-Studio 45

4th-Calling All The Monsters-Studio 45

3rd-Witch Doctor-Studio 45

2nd-I Look Good-Studio 45

1st-Oz-Elite Dance Center


Junior Super Group Recreational

1st-Greastest Love of All-Dance Impressions


Junior Super Group Intermediate

3rd-Sing Sing Sing-Dance Academy

2nd-Calypso-Center Stage

1st-I Am Me-Rhonda’s School of Dance


Junior Super Group Competitive

1st-Feel This Moment-Bobbi’s School of Dance



Bully-Main Street Dance

Bottom of the River-Rhonda’s School of Dance

All These Years-

Me-LeeAnne Ashley Studio of Dance

Like My Mother Does-

Back It Up-Dancin’ Debbie’s

Poker Face-Studio 45

Ain’t No Sunshine-Dance World

Nothing But the Water-Dance Dimensions

Titanium-Artistry In Motion

Don’t Change My Radio-Studio 45

Make It Up-Center Stage

Blues Brothers-Blue Ridge Performing Arts Academy

Titanium-Dance reflections

Lost-Bobbi’s School of Dance

Last Words-The Carolina Strut

Rock With You-Main Street Dance

Address In The Stars-Studio 45

In the Mood-Dance World

1,000 Years-Blair Dance Studio

Applause-Bobbi’s School of Dance

Locomotion-Main Street Dance


13 & up National Entertainment Award

Jai Ho-Bobbi’s School of Dance


13 & up Crowd Pleaser Award

Workout Plan-Center Stage


13 & up Choreography Award

Vel D’Hiv-The Carolina Strut


Teen Group Grand National Champion

Vel D’Hiv-The Carolina Strut


Senior Group Grand National Champion

Step In Time-West Johnston High School


Teen Victory Cup (Super Grand National Champion)

Vel D’Hiv-The Carolina Strut


Senior Victory Cup (Super Grand National Champion)

Wicked Game-Dance Reflections



Teen Overall Vocal Solo

1st-Paris-Dance Dimensions


Teen Solo Recreational

5th-Addicted To Love-Dance World

4th-Gimme A Band-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

3rd-Say Something-Dance World

2nd-Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend-Dance World

1st-Devil’s Play-The Carolina Strut


Teen Solo Intermediate

15th-Ain’t No Sunshine-Dance World

15th-Long Distance-Studio Elite

14th-Miss Otis Regrets-Main Street Dance

13th-Control-Main Street Dance

12th-Mirror, Mirror-Dance Dimensions

11th-Life of the Party-Ms. Robins Academy of Dance & Gymnastics

10th-Torn-Main Street Dance

9th-Nothing But the Water-Dance Dimensions

8th-Say Something-Marla’s School of Dance

7th-Playing For Keeps-The Carolina Strut

6th-Express Yourself-Dance Dimensions

5th-Bottom of the River-Rhonda’s School of Dance

4th-Going, Going, Gone-The Carolina Strut

3rd-Mr. Pinstripe Suit-Dance Reflections

2nd-Bully-Main Street Dance

1st-Titanium-Artistry In Motion


Teen Solo Competitive

15th-Think-Bobbi’s School of Dance

14th-All I’ve Ever Needed-Encore Academy of Dance

13th-Catch My Breath-Bobbi’s School of Dance

12th-PYT-Dance Reflections

11th-Dark Blue-Blair Dance Studio

10th-Me-LeeAnne Ashley Studio of Dance

9th-Your Song-Blair Dance Studio

8th-Poker Face-Studio 45

7th-Let Her Go-Bobbi’s School of Dance

6th-New York-Blair Dance Studio

6th-I Will Wait-Elite Dance Center

5th-Why-Main Street Dance

4th-Back It Up-Dancin Debbie’s

3rd-Mulberry Street-Blair Dance Studio

2nd-Single Ladies-Blair Dance Studio

1st-All These Years-Blair Dance Studio


Senior Solo Recreational

3rd-Gimme, Gimme-The Carolina Strut

2nd-Tunr Up the Music-Studio J Dance Center

1st-Smash Into You-The Carolina Strut


Senior Solo Intermediate

15th-It Doesn’t Hurt-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

15th-Beggin-Main Street Dance

14th-Grenade-Marla’s School of Dance

13th-Young & Beautiful-Center Stage

12th-Arms-Center Stage

11th-Addicted To Love-Main Street Dance

10th-Do Somethin’-Marla’s School of Dance

9th-Let Me Entertain You-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

8th-Room For You-Dance Reflections

7th-When You Wish Upon A Star-Main Street Dance

6th-Walk This Way-Main Street Dance

5th-Somewhere in the Middle-Main Street Dance

4th-Royals-Main Street Dance

3rd-Rock With You-Main Street Dance

2nd-Shades of Gray-The Carolina Strut

1st-Outkast-Center Stage


Senior Solo Competitive

15th-Black Star-The Carolina Strut

14th-Gravity-Blair Dance Studio

13th-Smooth Criminal-Studio 45

12th-The Stage is Bare-Main Street Dance

11th-All This To Say-Elite Dance Center

10th-Speaking French-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

9th-Last Words-The Carolina Strut

8th-Summertime Sadness-The Carolina Strut

7th-Hourglass-Elite Dance Center

6th-Nothing Compares to You –Elite Dance Center

5th-A Soldiers Life-Dance Reflections

4th-Disallusion-The Carolina Strut

3rd-Titanium-Dance Reflections

2nd-Gardenia-Elite Dance Center

1st-Wicked Game-Dance Reflections



Senior Duet/Trio Recreational

3rd-Jump Shout Boogie-Dance Academy

2nd-The Call-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

1st-Footloose-Studio J Dance Center


Senior Duet/Trio Intermediate

10th-I Can Only Imagine-Dance Academy

9th-Calabria-Studio Elite

8th-Mannequin-Main Street Dance

7th-Make It Up-Center Stage

6th-Secret-Main Street Dance

5th-Saturday Night-Main Street Dance

4th-Madhouse-Main Street Dance

3rd-A Little Party Never Killed Nobody-Main Street Dance

2nd-May I Take Your Order-Main Street Dance

1st-I Can’t Change-Artistry In Motion


Senior Duet/Trio Competitive

10th-Welcome to The Jungle-Bobbi’s School of Dance

9th-Team-Bobbie’s School of Dance

8th-Forever Young-Main Street Dance

7th-The Girl in 14G-Blair Dance Studio

6th-Blues Brothers-Blue Ridge Performing Arts Academy

5th-Marry The Night-Bobbi’s School of Dance

4th-Don’t Change My Radio-Studio 45

3rd-Medicene-The Carolina Strut

2nd-American Beauty-Elite Dance Center

1st-Permanent-Dance Reflections


Teen Small Group Recreational

3rd-Higher Ground-Dance World

2nd-Love My Life-Studio J Dance Center

1st-Where Them Girls At-Studio J Dance Center


Teen Small Group Intermediate

8th-Human-Dance World

7th-Medicine-Dance World

6th-Brave-Elite Dance Center

6th-The Ring-Dance Dimensions

5th-It’s About That Walk-Dance Impressions

4th-Let The Groove Get In-Dance Dimensions

3rd-Dead in the Water-Dance Dimensions

3rd-Ooh La La-Elite Dance Center

2nd-Miss Invisible-Dance Impressions

1st-Go Get It-Dance Impressions


Teen Small Group Competitive

5th-Love Always-Dance Academy

4th-Within and Without-Elite Dance Center

3rd-Leave the Light On-Blair Dance Studio

2nd-Waves-Blair Dance Studio

1st-1000 Years-Blair Dance Studio


Teen Large Group Recreational

5th-Primadonna-Dance World

4th-I Want To be A Rockette-Dance World

3rd-Designer-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

2nd-Girl Power-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

1st-A Little Party Never Killed Nobody-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions


Teen Large Group Intermediate

7th-Right Now-Dance World

6th-Miami Beats-Studio Elite

5th-Secret-Studio Elite

4th-I Love The Way You Lie-Rhonda’s School of Dance

3rd-Oh My Lord-Rhonda’s School of Dance

2nd-The Big Time-Dance World

1st-Crusin For A Brusin-Center Stage


Teen Large Group Competitive

10th-The Greatest Reward-Blair Dance Studio

9th-Tag Me-Blair Dance Studio

8th-Pretty Hurts-Dance Reflections

7th-Ghost-Blair Dance Studio

6th-Applause-Bobbi’s School of Dance

5th-Brass Band-Blair Dance Studio

4th-A Drop in the Ocean-Blair Dance Studio

3rd-To This Day-Blair Dance Studio

2nd-Pull of the Moon-Elite Dance Center

1st-Scream and Shout-Elite Dance Center


Teen Super Group Recreational

3rd-Only You-Dance Academy

2nd-Under My Skin-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

1st-Behind The Wall-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions


Teen Super Group Intermediate

5th-5-1-5-0-Main Street Dance

4th-Trust-Main Street Dance

3rd-Applause-Center Stage

2nd-Distortion-Dance Reflections

1st-Vel D’Hiv-The Carolina Strut


Teen Super Group Competitive

1st-Jai Ho-Bobbi’s School of Dance


Senior Small Group Intermediate

10th-Rhythm and Blue-Studio Elite

9th-Fever-Studio Elite

8th-Stay-The Carolina Strut

7th-Glamourous Life-Main Street Dance

6th-Thrift Shop-Center Stage

5th-Locomotion-Main Street Dance

4th-Dream On-Main Street Dance

3rd-People-Babrie’s Encore Dance Productions

2nd-What Makes Us Girls-The Carolina Strut

1st-Workout Plan-Center Stage


Senior Small Group Competitive

10th-Habit-Blair Dance Studio

9th-Address in the Stars-Studio 45

8th-In This Shirt-Elite Dance Center

7th-Howlin’ For You-Elite Dance Center

6th-People Like Us-Bobbi’s School of Dance

5th-Memories-West Johnston HS School Dance Team

4th-Let’s Get Loud-Studio 45

3rd-Snow-Elite Dance Center

2nd-Medicine-West Johnston HS Dance Team

1st-Your Love-Dance Reflections


Senior Large Group Intermediate

10th-River Flows In You-Dance Academy

9th-Blue Jeans-Main Street Dance

8th-Wake Me Up-Main Street Dance

7th-Clown Takeover-Main Street Dance

6th-Bring On The Men-Barbie’s Encore Dance Productions

5th-Bang Bang-Main Street Dance

4th-Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend-Center Stage

3rd-Porcelain Dolls-Main Street Dance

2nd-Cell Block Tango-Center Stage

1st-Rebellious-Dance Reflections


Senior Large Group Competitive

8th-Skeletons In the Closet-Bobbi’s School of Dance

7th-Massive Attack-Studio 45

6th-Tainted Love-Bobbi’s School of Dance

5th-Call the Law-Dance Reflections

4th-Can’t Hold Us-Studio 45

3rd-Just In Time-Bobbi’s School of Dance

2nd-Move-Dance Reflections

1st-Step In Time-West Johnston HS Dance Team


Senior Super Group Intermediate

1st-Girl On Fire-Main Street Dance


Senior Super Group Competitive

3rd-Bad Girls-Dance World

2nd-A Little Party Never Killed Nobody-Bobbi’s School of Dance

1st-In The Mood-Dance World

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