Columbia 2014

1st Gear-Recreational

2nd Gear-Intermediate

3rd Gear-Competitive


12 & under Columbia Top Score Winners


Papa Can You Hear Me-Dance Dimensions

New Girl-Dancin On Main

Brave-The Studio: Center for the Performing Arts

Swagger Jagger-Dancin On Main

Forget About The Boy-Dance World

Shake Down-Let’s Dance

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better-Dance Dimensions

Safe and Sound-Chosen Dance Academy

Shake Senora-Dance Dimensions

1,2 Step-Let’s Dance

Rainy Day Belles-Griffin School of Dance

Top of the World-Dance World

Shake A Tail Feather-Kicks Studio of Performing Arts


Top Score Photogenic

Emma Grace Robinson


12 & under Entertainment Award

I Like To Fuss-Dance South


12 & under Crowd Pleaser Award

This Is Me-Center Stage Augusta


12 & under Choreography Award

Down To The Wire-Chosen Dance Academy


12 & under Top Score Production Champion

Welcome To Bedrock-Chosen Dance Academy


12 & under Top Score Group Champion

Children of the Corn-Let’s Dance


12 & under Top Studio

The Studio: Center for Performing Arts


Mini Solo 1st Gear

3rd-Circus-Griffin School of Dance

2nd-Abracadabra-Let’s Dance

1st-It’s All About Me-Let’s Dance


Mini Solo 2nd Gear

1st-Papa Can You Hear Me-Dance Dimensions


Petite Solo 1st Gear

1st-My Little Corner-Let’s Dance


Petite Solo 2nd Gear

1st-Queen Bee-Chosen Dance Academy


Petite Solo 3rd Gear

1st-Chief Cook and Bottle Washer-Chosen Dance Academy


Junior Solo 1st Gear

3rd-Shake It Up-Let’s Dance

2nd-Working Day N Night-Kicks Studio of Performing Arts

1st-Does Anybody Hear Her-Dance World


Junior Solo 2nd Gear

5th-Time To Shine-Let’s Dance

4th-Johnny Be Good-Dancin On Main

3rd-Jump, Jive, Wail-Dancin On Main

2nd-My Song Knows What You Did-Let’s Dance

1st-Gime Gimme-Let’s Dance


Junior Solo 3rd Gear

3rd-Let It Go-The Studio: Center for Performing Arts

2nd-Brave-The Studio: Center for Performing Arts

1st-All Night-The Studio: Center for Performing Arts


Tiny Duet/Trio 1st Gear

1st-Chemical X-Let’s Dance


Mini Duet/Trio 1st Gear

1st-Shake Down-Let’s Dance


Petite Duet/Trio 1st Gear

1st-Faithful-Let’s Dance


Petite Duet/Trio 2nd Gear

1st-Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better-Dance Dimensions


Petite Duet/Trio 3rd Gear

1st-Black & Gold-The Studio: Center for the Performing Arts


Junior Duet/Trio 1st Gear

1st-Pastoral Symphony-Griffin School of Dance


Junior Duet/Trio 2nd Gear

1st-Gotta Get Through This-Let’s Dance


Junior Duet/Trio 3rd Gear

1st-Safe and Sound-Chosen Dance Academy


Tiny Small Group 1st Gear

3rd-Rock Around the Clock-Let’s Dance

2nd-Who Dunnit?-Let’s Dance

1st-Heaven’s Little Angels-Chosen Dance Academy


Mini Small Group 1st Gear

5th-Shake A Tail Feather-Kicks Studio of Performing Arts

4th-Make Whole the Place Shake-Kicks Studio of Performing Arts

3rd-Vienna Woods-Let’s Dance

2nd-Once Upon A December-Let’s Dance

1st-Over The Rainbow-Let’s Dance


Mini Small Group 2nd Gear

1st-Candyland-Chosen Dance Academy


Petite Small Group 1st Gear

10th-Let’s Dance-Center Stage Augusta

9th-This IS Me-Center Stage Augusta

8th-Let It Be-Dance Dimensions

7th-Who Dun It?-Center Stage Augusta

6th-Shake Senora-Dance Dimensions

5th-or The Boys-Let’s Dance

4th-Bossy-Dance South

3rd-I Like To Fuss-Dance South

2nd-Tear It Up-Let’s Dance

1st-1,2 Step-Let’s Dance


Petite Small Group 2nd Gear

1st-Electricity-Let’s Dance


Junior Small Group 1st Gear

3rd-These Boots-Dancin On Main

2nd-Ready For A Miracle-Griffin School of Dance

1st-Wild child-Griffin School of Dance


Junior Small Group 2nd Gear

5th-Le Festin-Let’s Dance

4th-Diary of Jane-Let’s Dance

3rd-Feel My Love-Center Stage Augusta

2nd-Super Model-Dancin On Main

1st-Slap That Bass-Dancin On Main


Junior Small Group 3rd Gear

3rd-Last On Standing-The Studio: Center for Performing Arts

2nd-Song Bird-Let’s Dance

1st-Circus Time-Griffin School of Dance


Tiny Large Group 1st Gear

3rd-Snoopy & Friends-Chosen Dance Academy

2nd-Rainy Day Belles-Griffin School of Dance

1st-Bow Wow Wow-Let’s Dance


Mini Large Group 1st Gear

5th-Like Me-Dance World

4th-Life Is A Highway-Dancin On Main

3rd-Pink Caddillac-Dancin On Main

2nd-Sassy-Let’s Dance

1st-Rockin’ Robin-Dance World


Mini Large Group 2nd Gear

5th-Firework-Dance Dimensions

4th-Our Little Sleepover-Chosen Dance Academy

3rd-Look Good Feeling Gorgeous-Dance Dimensions

2nd-My Secret Garden-Chosen Dance Academy

1st-Material Girl-Dance Dimensions


Petite Large Group 1st Gear

1st-Bellhop Boogie-Dance World


Petite Large Group 2nd Gear

3rd-Doctor Feel Good-Chosen Dance Academy

2nd-Down To The Wire-Chosen Dance Academy

1st-Children of the Corn-Let’s Dance


Petite Large Group 3rd Gear

1st-Amazying Mayzie-Chosen Dance Academy


Junior Large Group 2nd Gear

1st-It Don’t Mean A Thing-Dance World


Junior Large Group 3rd Gear

1st-The One That Got Away-The Studio: Center for the Performing Arts


Petite Super Group 1st Gear

3rd-Real Wild Child-Dance World

2nd-Pom Poms-Dance World

1st-Talk To The Animals-Dance World


Petite Super Group 2nd Gear

1st-A Beautiful Nightmare-Let’s Dance



13 & up Top Score Winners


Bring That Beat Back-Let’s Dance

People Help People-Chosen Dance Academy

Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone-Dance World

Nothing But the Water-Dance Dimensions

This Is Me-Dancin On Main

Addicted To Love-The Studio: Center of the Performing Arts

Landslide-Chosen Dance Academy

Daddy-Dance World

TroubleMaker-Unbound Dance Company

Cleopatra-Let’s Dance

Secrets-The Studio: Center for the Performing Arts

Man like That-Chosen Dance Academy

Caldonia-Kicks Studio of Performing Arts

Dark Horse-Dance World

Journey Moon-Griffin School of Dance

Mama’s Broken Heart-The Studio: Center for the Performing Arts

Heaven-Chosen Dance Academy

A Tribe Called Fresh-Let’s Dance

The Z’s-Center Stage Augusta


13 & Up Photogenic Top Score Champion

Fallon Adams-Dance Dimensions


13 & Up Entertainment

Let’s Be Bad-Dance World


13 & Up Crowd Pleaser

42nd Street-Dancin on Main


13 & Up Choreography

The Ring-Dance Dimensions


13 & Up Production Champion

The Tony Awards-Dance World


13 & Up Grand Champion

Fill These Shoes-Dance South


13 & Up Top Studio

Chosen Dance Academy


Teen Solo 1st Gear

5th-Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend-Dance World

4th-Bad Girl-Kicks Studio of Performing Arts

3rd-Addicted To Love-Dance World

2nd-Wallflower-Griffin School of Dance

1st-Bring That Beat Back-Let’s Dance


Teen Solo 2nd Gear

8th-Proud Mary-Dancin On Main

7th-Nothing But the Water-Dance Dimensions

6th-Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone-Dance World

5th-Ol’ Time Rock and Roll-Dancin On Main

4th-This Is Me-Dancin On Main

3rd-Paris-Dance Dimensions

2nd-Lights, Camera, Action-Dancin On Main

1st-Nut Bush City Limits-Dancin On Main


Teen Solo 3rd Gear

3rd-What I’ve Done-Chosen Dance Academy

2nd-Titanium-Chosen Dance Academy

1st-People Help People-Chosen Dance Academy


Senior Solo 1st Gear

5th-Hello-Let’s Dance

4th-Zombie-Kicks Studio of Performing Arts

3rd-Summertime-Griffin School of Dance

2nd-She Wolf-Kicks Studio of Performing Arts

1st-Professional-Griffin School of Dance


Senior Solo 2nd Gear

8th-Ribs-Dance World

7th-Little Love-Dance World

6th-River Flows-Dance World

5th-Wings-Dancin On Main

4th-Titanium-Dancin On Main

3rd-Cleopatra-Let’s Dance

2nd-Apocalyptic-Dancin On Main

1st-Don’t You Worry Child-Dancin On Main


Senior Solo 3rd Gear

10th-Daddy-Dance World

9th-Sky Fall-Chosen Dance Academy

8th-Medicine-The Studio: Center for the Performing Arts

7th-La Bayadere-Chosen Dance Academy

6th-Between the Lines-Chosen Dance Academy

5th-Burlesque-Unbound Dance Company

4th-Landslide-Chosen Dance Academy

3rd-Addicted To Love-The Studio: Center for the Performing Arts

2nd-Toublemaker-Unbound Dance Company

1st-Shades of Gray-Unbound Dance Company


Teen/Senior Duet/Trio 1st Gear

3rd-Suit and Tie-Griffin School of Dance

2nd- I Am-Kicks Studio of Performing Arts

1st-Caldonia-Kicks Studio of Performing Arts


Teen/Senior Duet/Trios 2nd Gear

3rd-I’m In Here-Let’s Dance

2nd-Promises-Griffin School Of Dance

1st –Stay-Griffin School of Dance


Teen Duet/Trio 3rd Gear

5th –How I Feel-The Studio: Center for the Performing Arts

4th –A Little Party-Dance South

3rd –Girls-Dance South

2nd –They Don’t Really Care-Dance South

1st –Man like That-Chosen Dance Academy


Senior Duet/Trio 3rd Gear

3rd –Secrets-The Studio: Center for the Performing Arts

2nd –Bella’s Lullaby-Dance South

1st –Wings-Unbound Dance Company


Teen Small Group 1st Gear

5th –Higher Ground-Dance World

4th –Two Steps-Griffin School of Dance

3rd –Dancing Fool-Dance World

2nd –“Trash Me”-Dance South

1st –Journymoon-Griffin School of Dance


Teen Small Group 2nd Gear

10th –Sweater Weather-Kicks Studio of Performing Arts

9th –Youth-Center Stage Augusta

8th –Let the Groove get In-Dance Dimensions

7th –Earthquake-Let’s Dance

6th –Chateau Ladutorm-Griffin School of Dance

5th –Aspiring Heights-Let’s Dance

4th –My Immortal-Kicks Studio of Performing Arts

3rd –“Pussycat Dolls-Dance South

2nd –The Ring-Dance Dimensions

1st –Dead in the Water-Dance Dimensions


Teen Small Group 3rd Gear

3rd –Locomotion-Dance South

2nd –Undone-Chosen Dance Academy

1st –Fill These Shoes-Dance South


Senior Small Group 2nd Gear

3rd –Settle Down-Center Stage Augusta

2nd –Daddy’s Money-Griffin School of Dance

1st –The “Z’s”-Center Stage Augusta


Senior Small Group 3rd Gear

5th –Bonjour Mademoiselle-Chosen Dance Academy

4th-Smells Like…-Chosen Dance Academy

3rd –Give me Love-The Studio: Center for the Performing Arts

2nd –Wind it Up-Griffin School of Dance

1st –Mama’s Broken Heart-The Studio: Center for the Performing Arts


Teen Large Group 1st Gear

1st –I want to be a Rockette-Dance World


Teen Large Group 2nd Gear

5th –Let Her Go-Dancin on Main

4th –Cover Girl-Dancin on Main

4th –Invisible-Chosen Dance Academy

3rd –Deal Me In-Chosen Dance Academy

2nd -42nd Street-Dancin on Main

1st –A Tribe called Fresh-Let’s Dance


Teen Large Group 3rd Gear

5th –My Alter Ego-Chosen Dance Academy

4th –Beautiful People-Let’s Dance

3rd –Waltz of the Flowers-Chosen Dance Academy

2nd –Marie Antoinette-Chosen Dance Academy

1st –Heaven-Chosen Dance Academy


Senior Large Group

1st –Ramalama-Griffin School of Dance


Senior Super Group 3rd Gear

1st-Let’s Be Bad-Dance World

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