Dance Competitions in Ohio

Dance Competitions in Ohio

In honor of 15 years of production, we are proud to announce our expansion of dance competitions in Ohio for 2015 and beyond.

  • May 9/10: Olmstead Performing Arts Center in Cleveland, Ohio

Dance Machine Productions Is…

A competition production company with 15 year experience putting on shows in the Southeastern United States, the Dance Machine started out as Footsteps Dance Competition in 2001. With humble beginnings, the producers quickly realized that they’d struck gold, that there are dancers all over that who are thrilled to share their talents. Furthermore, Dance Machine discovered that there are teachers and parents who love the idea of watching their children shine equally as much.

Along with their quick transition from a simple dance competition company into a highly sought after production company, Footsteps changed its name to Dance Machine in order to more aptly represent what the company had become. Dance Machine now helps thousands of young dancers put their talents on stage annually.

What Separates Dance Machine from Other Dance Competition Production Studios

Dance Machine competitions are different from other dance competitions for a number of reasons. One of the most important is that there are literally dozens of different Dance Machine categories in which both kids and adults can compete. Divisions range from the six and under age group all the way up through the 18 and over classification.

In addition to age-group divisions, the competition is broken up in to different genres. While many more are included, some of the genres are hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, tap and ballet. Offering even more options for young dancers, competitors can perform alone or in small or large groups.

Objectivity, Equality and Fairness

There is more to Dance Machine than just a wide variety of options for competitive dancers to choose from. What makes Dance Machine special in relation to other competitions is the fact that there is are no political wrangling influencing the competition. Regardless of whether a person is competing alone or with a group; irrespective of whether or not a group or individual is already accomplished or just starting out; regardless of whether Dance Machine is a contestant´s first competition or their 100th, Dance Machine´s judges awarded contestants based on their merit and their merit as dancers alone.

Not only do the judges compile their results based on a completely objective assessment of a competitor or group´s routine, the last thing any talent judge, producer or affiliate of Dance Machine is permitted to do is criticize. Humble, honest and helpful critiques are more than welcome, but our staff understands the importance of building young people´s confidence, not hurting it or creating doubt in a young competitor´s mind.

Before all else — awards, honors and recognition — Dance Machine wants to ensure that every competitor in the competition has fun, lots and lots of fun.

While contestants naturally pressure themselves, the idea behind Dance Machine is to create an environment makes young dancers feel great, make them enjoy competition and want to compete again in the future. Dance Machine is an environment that encourages young dancers to share their talents with the country.

Dance Machine gives young people the opportunity show put their hard work on display and be rewarded for their efforts as well as make a positive environment where new ideas and thoughts are not only welcome, but rewarded. We look forward to bringing even more dance competitions in Ohio for years to come!

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