Dance Competitions in Virginia

Dance Competitions in Virginia

We’d like to take a moment to reveal our much anticipated, 2015 dance competitions in Virginia.

  • 3/21-3/22: Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, Virginia
  • 5/2-5/3: College of the Albemarle in Virginia Beach, Virginia

We’ve been conducting dance competitions for 15 years, and we are ecstatic that dancers will now have the opportunity to perform before many Virginians. Since our inception in 2001, hosting one small competition, we have grown into the leading dance competition producer for the Region, and our dance categories and divisions have grown exponentially.

We will weigh each dancers performance against the entered Competition Level. We have three competition levels according to the length of time in practice per week. Judges have the power to reassign competition levels, which include Recreational, Intermediate, or Competitive competition levels, if they feel a performer exceeds the entered competition level.

Dancing requires a large amount of time and energy in preparation for performance and competition. Because we know that the type of dance can make or break a performance, our dancers may also choose a category in which to compete. We have 25 different categories to choose from, and some have restrictions on the amount of acrobatics per routine. Please see our Rules for a listing of all categories. Dancers may select from six divisions and six overall age divisions. Please note: Qualifying for an overall age division requires three entries into a particular overall age division.

We believe in the power of positive experiences and reinforcement. As such, we offer Adjudicated Awards to recognize the skill presented by each of our performers. Soloists and groups of dancers up to three will each receive their own trophy; however, larger groups will receive a single studio trophy and an individual medal or pin.

While we make the best effort to maintain planned competition, we reserve the right to adjust competition dates and locations based on extraneous factors, such as weather or the amount of competitors performing. Please stay in contact with Dance Machine Productions in the days leading to your dance competitions in Virginia.

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