What are the entry fees for competitions?

Studio Owners can contact our office for entry fees. We are very competitive in the industry.

How do you register for the competitions?

Only Studio Owners and Teachers may register for competitions.  We have an online entry system that is easy to use and helps to make the registration process organized and efficient.  Only Studio Owners may contact our office for entry instructions.  All Accounts must be verified that they are a Studio Owner/Faculty Member.

Is videotaping/taking photographs allowed at competitions?

For the safety of your dancers, we DO NOT allow photo or video at our competitions.  However every dancer receives FREE access to photo & video of every routine they perform in at the competition. 

What is the age cut-off for age categories?

All ages for competitions are as of January 1st, 2022.  Please double check all Birth Dates in the online system so everyone is entered correctly. Incorrect Birth Dates could cause families to be unable to access free photo & video.

How many acrobatics/gymnastics tricks can we have in a routine?

Up to five before it has to be entered in Open or Acrobatics.  Character, Cheerleading, and Musical Theater there is no limit to the number of tricks.  Ballet & Pointe NO Acrobatics/Gymnastics Tricks! We do not apply point deductions if a category change is made.

Do you have a limit to how many solos a dancer can perform?

We do not limit the number of solos a student can perform in the Intermediate and Advanced Levels.   If a soloist is entered in the Recreational Level they are limited to one solo, if they have more then one solo they will need to enter at Intermediate or Advanced Level.  We do reserve the right to limit the number of solos by an individual that can place in Top Score Rankings.

Do you have a Regional Titles Competition? How do you enter? 

All Soloist are eligible for Regional Titles.  Any soloist achieving an Elite Gold, Platinum, or Power Platinum at the Regional Competition may enter the America’s Mr & Miss Dance National Titles Competition to be held in July in Eden, NC. At the National Title Competition Soloist also compete in Interview, Class, Self-Introduction, On Stage Question (Senior Only) and their Solo Routine.  They perform an Opening Number, have a Welcome Party, and have some exciting activities during the three day event.

Do you accept Independent Entries?

We DO NOT accept independent entries for competitions, you must be registered with a studio in order to compete at Dance Machine.   We do allow independent registration for our conventions, you can contact our office if interested in attending a convention as an independent, studio permission is still encouraged.

How do you schedule competitions?

Dance Machine Productions does not have a general scheduling format, which we follow at our regional competitions.  Every regional schedule is set up based solely on the breakdown of entries by solos, duet/trios, groups, and productions for that particular event.  We do not have this breakdown in numbers until all of the entries have been processed and at that time we set up a schedule which will best accommodate the participants at that regional.  We would rather go later on a Saturday so it is not a late night on a Sunday when participants have school or work on the next day.  This would not always be possible if we had a general format.

When will we get a schedule for the competition?

We will send out a schedule via e-mail to studio directors 8-10 days before the event, we will send it sooner if it is ready.  We post the General Schedule Online about 6-7 days before the competition.

How are photogenic entries submitted? 

Photogenic Entries must be brought to the competition as a recent 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 in black & white or color to the competition.  Please write name, age, and studio on the back of the photo.  Photos will be returned at the competition but photogenic contestants are responsible for retaining their photo on that day.  Dance Machine is not responsible for any damages to the photograph submitted.  You must enter photogenic on the day of competition.  You do not have to be a registered competitor to enter the photogenic category, but you must be affiliated with a registered studio.  DO NOT SEND PICTURES OR MONEY FOR PHOTOGENIC ENTRIES-you must enter at the competition.  There is a $50.00 fee per photo entered in the photogenic category. Each photogenic entry will be awarded an adjudication award.  Top Score Photogenic Awards will be based on the number of entries submitted.  All Photogenic Awards will be presented with Group Awards for the corresponding age division.

How are routine critiques given to studios? 

Each judge will give an audio/video critique.  Scores and audio/video  critiques will be uploaded to studio accounts by the Wednesday after a competition.

What awards do you give?

Adjudicated Rating System

**Each judge awards a point value to each routine…then the three point values are added together to determine the rating.


Power Platinum (282-300), Platinum (270-281), Elite Gold (261-269), High Gold (252-260), and Gold (251 or less)

**At the National finals routines can achieve a Power Diamond (291-300), this is only awarded at the Finals**

Top Score Overall Awards

Age Divisions are TINY 6 & under, MINI 7-8, PETITE 9-10, JUNIOR 11-12, TEEN 13-14, SENIOR 15-19, ELITE 20 & up

**Senior Solos will be broken into (15-16) & (17-19)  when number of entries merit a split**

Each Competitive Level…RECREATIONAL, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED all receive Top Score awards for Solo, Duet/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, Super Group, and Production within the Competitive Level and Age Division.  If there are less then 3 entries in an age division/level then then they may be combined.

BRAVO Awards are presented to outstanding performances and innovative/creative choreography. Bravo Awards are given for Solos, Duet/Trios, Groups, and Productions.  Bravo Awards are selected by Judges are not directly related to Adjudication, Rating Awarded, or Top Score Placement.

Entertainment, Crowd Pleaser, Innovation, and Choreography Awards are presented in the Group/Production Divisions. These awards can come from any Competitive Level and are not directly related to the Adjudication, Rating Awarded, or Top Score Placement.

At the National Finals all of the above awards are presented with the opportunity to be the National Champions and group have the chance to qualify for the Clash of the Champions Dance-Off where the Super Grand National Champions are awarded.  The National Dance-Off immediately follows the Age Division at nationals…no routines come back for an additional day.