Myrtle Beach 2014

1st Gear-Recreational

2nd Gear-Intermediate

3rd Gear-Competitive


12 & under Myrtle Beach Top Score Winners




Mad Conductor-Palmetto Dance Starz

Headphones-Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics

Girls Just Wanna HaveFun-EliteDanceCenter


Footworkin- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics

Mr. Sun- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

All Aboard-Alternative Steps

Crocodile Rock-Bobbi’s School of Dance

Mr. Postman- Palmetto Dance Starz

Upside Down-World Of Dance

Stepsisters-Center Stage

Surf’s Up-Marla’s School Of Dance


Jump-Fascinating Rhythm Studios


On Broadway-Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter

Let It Go-FusionDanceCenter


Two Birds-CumberlandDanceAcademy

Jet Set Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics

Filthy McNasty-Center Stage

Speakerboxx- Palmetto Dance Starz

The Entertainer- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics

Heart Skips A Beat- World Of Dance

People Help The People-EliteDanceCenter

Applause-Quisan’s DanceAcademy

Be Our Guest-Extreme Dance

The Good Old Days Jam- Quisan’s DanceAcademy

Some People-Marla’s School of Dance

The Time-Coastal Performing Arts Center

DaddyComeHome- Bobbi’s School of Dance

Stars- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics

My Addidas-Columbia Elite Allstars

Calypso-Center Stage


8 & Under Photogenic Grand Champion

Sa’Tori Lorenzo- Quisan’s DanceAcademy


9-12 Photogenic Grand Champion



8 & Under Entertainment Award

Thrift Shop- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics


9-12 Entertainment Award

Loathing-World of Dance


8 & Under Crowd Pleaser Award

Shake Your GroveThing-EliteDanceCenter


9-12 Crowd Pleaser Award

Best Song Ever-Bobbi’s School of Dance


8 & Under Choreography Award

BirthdaySurprise-SallyWoodySchool of Dance


9-12 Choreography Award



8 & Under Grand Champion Group

I Want It All- Quisan’s DanceAcademy


9-12 Grand Champion Group

Sea Cruise- Center Stage


8 & Under Top Studio

Fascinating Rhythm Studios


9-12 Top Studio

World of Dance


Tiny Solo 1st Gear/2nd Gear

1st-Ease On Down- Alternative Steps


Tiny Solo 3rd Gear



Mini Solo 1st Gear

3rd-Treasure-North Myrtle Beach Performing Arts

2nd-Ladidadida-Center Stage

1st-Imagine- Quisan’s DanceAcademy

Mini Solo 2nd Gear

3rd-Knock On Wood-EliteDanceCenter

2nd-Headphones- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics

1st-Mad Conductor-Palmetto Dance Starz


Mini Solo 3rd Gear



Petite Solo 2nd Gear

10th-When I Get My Name In Lights-EliteDanceCenter

9th-Mothers Prayer-Elite Dance Center

8th-“Get Happy”- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics

7th-Naughty-Marla’s School of Dance

6th-I’m A Monster- Elite Dance Center

5th-American Girl- Marla’s School Of Dance

4th-Don’t Rain On My Parade-Alternative Steps

3rd-Surf’s Up- Marla’s School Of Dance

2nd-How To Believe-Fascinating Rhythm Studios

1st-“Let It Go” Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics


Petite Solo 3rd Gear

10th-Knock Out- Cumberland Dance Academy

9th-Forget You0 Quisan’s DanceAcademy


7th-Keep Up- Cumberland Dance Academy

6th-Accessory- Quisan’s DanceAcademy

5th-Bird Of Sorrow-CumberlandDanceAcademy

4th-Jump- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

3rd-Bullet Proof- Cumberland Dance Academy




Junior Solo 2nd Gear

10th-Dance The Night Away- Marla’s School Of Dance

9th-I Want To Be A Rockette-FusionDanceCenter

8th-Shooting Star- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

7th-Angel By Your Side-FusionDanceCenter

6th-Jumpin’ Jack-Center Stage

5th-In The Mood-EliteDanceCenter

4th-Don’t Rain On My Parade- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter

3rd-Speakerboxx- Palmetto Dance Starz

2nd-Worn-North Myrtle Beach Performing Arts

1st-The Dog Days Are Over- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics


Junior Solo 3rd Gear


9th-Higher Love-CumberlandDanceAcademy

8th-Angel-Litchfield Dance Arts Academy



5th-You Move Away- CumberlandDanceAcademy

4th-Find Your Voice-CumberlandDanceAcademy

3rd-People Help The People-EliteDanceCenter

2nd-No PlaceLikeHome-CumberlandDanceAcademy



Tiny Duet/Trio 1st Gear

1st-Fabulous-Alternative Steps


Tiny Duet/Trio 3rd Gear



Mini Duet/Trio

3rd-Little Lost Boy- Palmetto Dance Starz

2nd-Flugeldar- Quisan’s DanceAcademy

1st-“Footworkin”- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics


Petite Duet/Trio 1st Gear

5th-Let’s Get Loud-Mindy’s Dance Attack

4th-I Enjoy Being A Girl-World of Dance

3rd-Stepsisters-Center Stage

2nd-Huey, Dewey, & Louie-Center Stage

1st-True Sisters-Sally Woody School of Dance


Petite Duet/Trio 2nd Gear

3rd-Mr. Postman- Palmetto Dance Starz

2nd-In The Mood-Center Stage

1st-Upside Down-World of Dance


Petite Duet/Trio 3rd Gear



Junior Duet/Trio 1st Gear

3rd-Anthropology-Extreme Dance

2nd-Same Things-World of Dance

1st-Brand New Me- Palmetto Dance Starz


Junior Duet/Trio 2nd Gear

5th-Mario Brothers-World of Dance

4th-Neon Lights- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics

3rd-From A Little Shell-Alternative Steps

2nd-“Jet Set”- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics

1st-Filthy McNasty-Center Stage


Junior Duet/Trio 3rd Gear

5th-Walk Beside Me- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

4th-Parents Just Don’t Understand- CumberlandDanceAcademy

3rd-Breath of Life-LitchfieldDanceArtsAcademy

2nd-King of Anything- CumberlandDanceAcademy



Tiny Small Group 1st Gear

5th-Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now- North Myrtle Beach Performing Arts

4th-I Want Candy- Bobbi’s School of Dance

3rd-Mr. Postman Elite Dance Center

2nd-School House Rock- Elite Dance Center

1st-I Want It All- Quisan’s DanceAcademy


Mini Small Group 1st Gear

3rd-Castle On The Cloud- Alternative Steps

2nd-Ring My Bell- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

1st-“Forever Love”- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics


Mini Small Group 2nd Gear

3rd-Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’- Elite Dance Center

2nd-Don’t Stop-EliteDanceCenter

1st-“Thrift Shop”- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics


Mini SmallGroup 3rd Gear

3rd-Boogie Shoes- Bobbi’s School of Dance

2nd-Crocodile Rock- Bobbi’s School of Dance

1st-Cruisin For A Bruisin- Bobbi’s School of Dance


Petite Small Group 1st Gear

10th-Planet Fitness- Palmetto Dance Starz

9th-Be Our Guest- Extreme Dance

8th-Somewhere Over The Rainbow- Extreme Dance

7th-That’s What I Like- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

6th-I Love Rock N Roll- Marla’s School Of Dance

5th-Stomp The Blues Away- Quisan’s DanceAcademy

5th-Sassy- Extreme Dance

4th-Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair-Center Stage

3rd-The Good ‘Ol Days Jam- Quisan’s DanceAcademy

2nd-Spell On You- Center Stage

2nd-Scream And Shout- Coastal Performing Arts Center

1st-5 Guys Named Moe Coastal Performing Arts Center



Petite Small Group 2nd Gear

10th-Slam It- Marla’s School Of Dance

9th-Dance With Me Tonight- Marla’s School Of Dance

8th-Love Is Not A Fight- Marla’s School Of Dance

7th-“Wisherie”- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics

6th-“Stars”- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics

5th-Pop Drop And Roll- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics

4th-Cupid’s Got A Shotgun- Marla’s School Of Dance

3rd-Everybody Dance Now- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

2nd-Loathing-World of Dance

1st-Old School- Palmetto Dance Starz


Petite Small Group 3rd Gear

3rd-Let’s Hear It For The Boy- Bobbi’s School of Dance

2nd-Armies Of Your Heart-CumberlandDanceAcademy

1st-Lonely Boy-CumberlandDanceAcademy


Junior Small Group 1st Gear

3rd-You Can’t Stop The Beat-FusionDanceCenter

2nd-Speaking French Quisan’s DanceAcademy

1st-For The Love Of A Daughter- Quisan’s DanceAcademy


Junior Small Group 2nd Gear


9th-Saturday Night Fish Fry- Coastal Performing Arts Center

8th-Some People- Marla’s School Of Dance

7th-Treasure- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

6th-Happy- Marla’s School Of Dance

5th-Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend- World Of Dance

5th-Down- Marla’s School Of Dance

4th-Ramalama- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

3rd-The Princesses- Quisan’s DanceAcademy

2nd-I Hope I Get It- World Of Dance

1st-Starships- World Of Dance


Junior Small Group 3rd Gear


7th-Peanut Butter Jelly Time- Bobbi’s School of Dance

6th-Daddy Come Home- Bobbi’s School of Dance

5th-Cup Song- Bobbi’s School of Dance

4th-Red Woman- Cumberland Dance Academy

3rd-Once Upon Another Time- Fascinating Rhythm Studios


1st-Black And Gold-EliteDanceCenter



Tiny Large Group 1st Gear

1st-Country Girls- Bobbi’s School of Dance


Mini Large Group 1st Gear

3rd-Calendar Girl- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

2nd-Power-SallyWoodySchool of Dance

1st-Mr. Sun- Fascinating Rhythm Studios


Petite Large Group 1st Gear

3rd-Baby I’m A Star- Elite Dance Center


1st-Riot- Palmetto Dance Starz


Petite Large Group 2nd Gear

1st-Chasing The Sun- Fascinating Rhythm Studios


Junior Large Group 1st Gear

1st-R-O-C-K In The USA-SallyWoodySchool of Dance


Junior Large Group 2nd Gear

5th-The Show Must Go On- World Of Dance

4th-My Adidas-Columbia Elite Allstars

3rd-“Forget About The Boy”- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics

2nd-Revenge Of The Nerds-Center Stage

1st-Sea Cruise- Center Stage


Junior Large Group 3rd Gear

5th-Be The Change- Bobbi’s School of Dance

4th-Centerfield- Bobbi’s School of Dance

3rd-Toy Soldier- Cumberland Dance Academy

2nd-Party Rock Anthem- Bobbi’s School of Dance

1st-Tied Knots-CumberlandDanceAcademy


Petite Super Group 3rd Gear


2nd-Best Song Ever- Bobbi’s School of Dance



Junior Super Group 1st Gear

1st-The Time- Coastal Performing Arts Center


Junior Super Group 2nd Gear

1st-Calypso-Center Stage


Junior Super Group 3rd Gear

3rd-Feel This Moment- Bobbi’s School of Dance


1st-Get’Em- CumberlandDanceAcademy


Petite Production

1st-Candy-SallyWoodySchool of Dance


Junior Production

3rd-Under The Big Top- Bobbi’s School of Dance

2nd-Step In Time-CumberlandDanceAcademy



13 & Up Myrtle Beach Top Score Winners



I Am A Good Girl- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Where Have All The Children Gone- Alternative Steps

Don’t Stop The Party- Artistry In Motion Performing Arts Center


Say Something- Marla’s School Of Dance

Every Heart-Arts Alive, Corporation

Mirrors-Center Stage

Rock Around The Clock-Mindy’s Dance Attack

Just A Game-Center Stage

I Can’t Change- Artistry In Motion Performing Arts Center

Typical WhiteGirl-Center Stage

Wrecking Ball-EliteDanceCenter

Beam Me Up-Happy Feet Dance Studio


Eyes On Fire-Columbia Elite Allstars

Time After Time- Happy Feet Dance Studio

People Help The People-Mindy’s Dance Attack


Hold On To What You Believe- Quisan’s DanceAcademy

Tribal Flair- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter


13 & Up Entertainment

WorkoutPlan-Center Stage


13 & Up Crowd Pleaser

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody- Bobbi’s School of Dance


13 & Up Choreography

Young and Beautiful- Fascinating Rhythm Studios


13 & Up Grand Champion

Over The Love- Marla’s School Of Dance


13 & Up Top Studio

Center Stage


Teen Solo 1st Gear

10th-Let It Go- Happy Feet Dance Studio

9th-Hallelujaj- Alternative Steps

8th-Extraordinary Machine- Extreme Dance

7th-Beauty From Pain-Mindy’s Dance Attack

6th-Permanent- Extreme Dance

5th-Lego House- Happy Feet Dance Studio

4th-Titanium-SallyWoodySchool of Dance

3rd-Burn Bright- Happy Feet Dance Studio

2nd-As Lon As I Am Singing-SallyWoodySchool of Dance

1st-Let’s Get Loud- SallyWoodySchool of Dance


Teen Solo 2nd Gear

10th-I Chose Victory- Palmetto Dance Starz

9th-Don’t Stop The Party- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter

8th-Gravity- Palmetto Dance Starz

7th-Where Have All The Children Gone- Alternative Steps

6th-Womanizer- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

5th-Dreamer- Marla’s School Of Dance

4th-For What It’s Worth- Marla’s School Of Dance

3rd-Life Of The Party- Ms. Robins Acad. Of Dance and Gymnastics

2nd-Say Something- Marla’s School Of Dance

1st-Titanium- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter


Teen Solo 3rd Gear

10th-La Esmeralda- World Of Dance


9th-Fly- Fascinating Rhythm Studios



6th-The Time Is Now-CumberlandDanceAcademy

5th-Every Heart- Arts Alive, Corporation


3rd-Via Dolorosa-CumberlandDanceAcademy

2nd-The Fight-LitchfieldDanceArtsAcademy



Senior Solo 1st Gear

3rd- 50’s Medley- Happy Feet Dance Studio

2nd-Beam Me Up- Happy Feet Dance Studio

1st-Near To You-Extreme Dance


Senior Solo 2nd Gear

10th-Grenade- Marla’s School Of Dance

9th-3000 Light Years Away- World Of Dance

8th-Look At Me- Arts Alive, Corporation

7th-Wrecking Ball-EliteDanceCenter

6th-Clocks-Center Stage

5th-It Doesn’t Hurt- Alternative Steps

4th-Do Somethin’- Marla’s School Of Dance

3rd-Right Now- Center Stage

2nd-Arms-Center Stage

1st- Center Stage


Senior Solo 3rd Gear

10th-Turning Page- Cumberland Dance Academy


9th-The Kiss-Center Stage

8th-Medicine- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

7th-Typical WhiteGirl-Center Stage

6th-Nothing Compares To You- EliteDanceCenter



3rd-Little Sparrow-CumberlandDanceAcademy

2nd-Song For Viola-CumberlandDanceAcademy



Teen Duet/Trio 1st Gear

5th-Like A Prayer- Extreme Dance

4th-Beautiful People- Alternative Steps

3rd-Swaggin’- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter

2nd-Good Girl- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter

1st-Rock Around The Clock- Mindy’s Dance Attack


Teen Duet/Trio 2nd Gear

5th-Mirrors-Center Stage

4th-Calabria- Coastal Performing ArtsCenter

3rd-He’s A Dream- World Of Dance

2nd-Soul Man- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter

1st-Bottom Of The River- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter


Teen Duet/Trio 3rd Gear



1st-Labels Or Love-CumberlandDanceAcademy


Senior Duet/Trio 2nd Gear

5th-Make It Up- Center Stage

4th-Man Out Of You- Center Stage

3rd-Sweater Weather- Center Stage

2nd-I Can’t Change- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter

1st-Just A Game-Center Stage


Senior Duet/Trio 3rd Gear

5th-Deeper- CumberlandDanceAcademy

4th-Chandeliers- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

3rd-Say Something- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

2nd-Dark Horse- Center Stage

1st-American Beauty- Elite Dance Center


Teen Small Group 1st Gear

5th-People Help The People- Extreme Dance

4th-Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby- Mindy’s Dance Attack

3rd-Clowns- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter

2nd-People Help The People- Mindy’s Dance Attack

1st-Hey Mama- Extreme Dance


Teen Small Group 2nd Gear

5th-79RF-S- Palmetto Dance Starz

4th-Like A Boy- Palmetto Dance Starz

3rd-Suit And Tie- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

2nd-In For The Kill- Alternative Steps

1st-Sail- World Of Dance


Teen Small Group 3rd Gear

5th-Flip Fantasia- Fascinating Rhythm Studios



2nd-Within And Without- EliteDanceCenter

1st-Stay Right Here- Cumberland Dance Academy


Senior Small Group 1st Gear

1st-Read All About It- Extreme Dance


Senior Small Group 2nd Gear

5th-Thrift Shop- Center Stage

4th-Dance With Me- Coastal Performing Arts Center

3rd-Somebody- Marla’s School Of Dance

2nd-Workout Plan- Center Stage

1st-Over The Love- Marla’s School Of Dance


Senior Small Group 3rd Gear

5th-Tightrope- Bobbi’s School of Dance

4th-People Like Us- Bobbi’s School of Dance


2nd-Howlin’ For You- EliteDanceCenter

1st-Young And Beautiful- Fascinating Rhythm Studios


Teen Large Group 1st Gear

5th-Can’t Hold Us- Coastal Performing Arts Center

4th-Tea Party- Extreme Dance

3rd-Big Apple Swag- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter

2nd-Gatsby Party- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter

1st-Hanging By A Thread- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter


Teen Large Group 2nd Gear

3rd-Can’t Hold Us- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter

2nd-Tribal Flair- Artistry In Motion Performing ArtsCenter

1st-Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’- Center Stage


Teen Large Group 3rd Gear

5th-Katy Krazies- Bobbi’s School of Dance

4th-Royals- Fascinating Rhythm Studios

3rd-Applause- Bobbi’s School of Dance

2nd-Pull Of The Moon-EliteDanceCenter

1st-Scream And Shout-EliteDanceCenter


Senior Large Group 2nd Gear

3rd-If I Were A Ship- Coastal Performing Arts Center

2nd-Burn- Coastal Performing Arts Center

1st-Diamonds Are A GirlsBestFriend-Center Stage


Senior Large Group 3rd Gear

3rd-Tainted Love- Bobbi’s School of Dance

2nd-Cell Block Tango- Center Stage

1st-Just In Time- Bobbi’s School of Dance


Teen Super Group 2nd Gear

1st-Applause-Center Stage


Teen Super Group 3rd Gear

1st-Jai Ho- Bobbi’s School of Dance


Senior Super Group 3rd Gear

1st-A Little Party Never Killed Nobody- Bobbi’s School of Dance

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