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Coastal Dance Intensive

We just wrapped up the 2017 Coastal Dance Intensive on July 25th here in Morehead City, NC!  It was an amazing four days of learning and growing.
About 70 Dance Machine ANDC Dancers participated in the Coastal Dance Intensive with 8 of them being partial scholarship winners from regional competitions.
We had master classes in Contemporary with Suzi Taylor where each dancer was pushed to utilize their technique while expressing the artistry of the movement.  Suzi has a beautiful quality to her movement and pushes each dancer to find interesting shapes and the smoothest transitions.
We also had Tap classes with Emily Shoemaker-Moorman where the most advanced student was pushed further and the beginners felt like they had been tapping for years!  Emily’s incredible energy and passion of teaching Tap always overflows to every dancer in the room!
We had some incredible acro classes with Jodi Justice as well!  Focusing on flexibility and finding what works for each individual dancers body when working on acro elements.
Jacki Dowling-Ford (the Jax of Jo + Jax) also joined our faculty this year for Jazz and brought an amazing energy to the classroom!  Her classes were electric and focused on classic jazz technique while still pushing each dancer out of their comfort zone with her choreography and expectations.
We also welcomed back Scott Jovovich for his incomparable Ballet and Musical Theatre classes!  Scott always pushes each dancers technical limits and gives them so much to take and continue to work on over the next year!  He also brings his expert knowledge of Bob Fosse repertoire from years of dancing for Bob on Broadway into his Musical Theatre classes. Something that’s hard to get anywhere else, learning the original choreography from a person who danced it in the show!  Always amazing to see the kids eyes light up when they realize who and what they are learning!
On top of amazing classes we were also able to award some fantastic scholarships this year!  Broadway Dance Center, Gear Up Dance Convention, Bright Dance Convention, New York City Dance Alliance, Pushing Progress Contemporary Program and Summer Dance Attack were all scholarship sponsors this year!
We can’t wait to see what next year holds and hope even more dancers can join us!!!

America’s Mister & Miss Dance Titles Competition

The 17th annual America’s Mister & Miss Dance National Titles Scholarship Competition was held in conjunction with Dance Machine ANDC National Finals June 21st-25th.  Semi-Finalist were selected at regional competitions to compete for the coveted national titles.  The semi-finalist competed in a closed Interview with the judge, an audition class, solo routine, and Stage Presence a category where semi-finalist are in formal attire walking in formation on stage and then each introduces themselves at the microphone before answering a question.  Scores form all four categories combine to determine the 2018 title holders. The titles competition is not about the best dancers but the most well rounded dancer and a dancer that can be a leader and a representative.

At the Grand Awards Ceremony the 2017 Title Holders all performed farewell solos and gave farewell speeches giving the audience a glimpse into the outstanding year they had as America’s Mister & Miss Dance Title Holders representing Dance Machine ANDC.  The 2017 Title Holders were Mini Mister Dance-Brayson Stewart from Be Famous Dance Center, Mini Miss Dance-Jaicey Thomas from The Carolina Strut, Petite Miss Dance-Julianna Wallace from K-Force Dance Academy, Junior Mister Dance-Jesse New from Studio J Dance Center, Junior Miss Dance-Laci Justice from The Carolina Strut, Teen Mister Dance-Jonah Carrel from Main Street Dance, Teen Miss Dance-Raegan Owens from Creative Edge Dance Center, Mister Dance-Eric Lienweiber from Dance Reflections, and Miss Dance-Bethany McAllister from Own The Stage Dance Academy.

Several past America’s Mister & Miss Dance National Title Holders were also in attendance at the Grand Awards Ceremony.  The America’s Mister & Miss Dance Alumni (past title holders that have graduated high school) that were in attendance performed the Opening Number of the Ceremony which was definitely a treat for the entire audience.

In each age division Category Awards were presented in Random Order, then Finalist, and the 2018 National Title Winners.  Below are the Awards from each age division.

America’s Mini Miss Dance Awards

Interview: Emma Beverly Toms, Ava Grace Kinlaw, Emily Bosler, Kaylee Forcier, Katie Kangy

Audition Class: Ava Grace Kinlaw, Addison Tibbs, Phoebe McNamara, Kaylee Forcier, Kambry Swaim

Solo Routine: Addison Tibbs, Kambry Swaim, Phobe McNamara, Addison Swaim, Emma Beverly Toms

Stage Presence: Phoebe McNamara, Addison Tibbs, Kaylee Forcier, Emily Bosler, Ava Grace Kinlaw


Addison Tibbs, Kaylee Forcier, Emily Bosler, Emma Beverly Toms, Addison Swaim, Phoebe McNamara, Kambry Swaim, Ava Grace Kinlaw

4th Runner-up: Addison Swaim

3rd Runner-up: Addison Tibbs

2nd Runner-up: Ava Grace Kinlaw

1st Runner-up: Phoebe McNamara

America’s Mini Miss Dance 2018-Emily Bosler

America’s Petite Miss Dance Awards

Interview: Tyler Collins, Ava Kinninger, Holly Clark, Emery Franz, Lela Carrel

Audition Class: Emery Franz, Rory Barbee, Tyler Collins, Ava Kinninger, McKenna Sinkler

Solo Routine: Ava Kinninger, McKenna Sinkler, Emery Franz, Sophia Scalzo, Tyler Collins

Stage Presence: Mallory Craig, Rylie Cherowbrier, Lela Carrel, Ava Kinninger, Tyler Collins


Hailey Luther, Ava Kinnenger, McKenna Sinkler, Rory Barbee, Riley Thomas, Emery Franz, Tyler Collins, Mallory Craig, Holly Clark, Lela Carrel

4th Runner-up: Mallory Craig

3rd Runner-up: McKenna Sinkler

2nd Runner-up: Emery Franz

1st Runner-up: Tyler Collins

America’s Petite Miss Dance 2018-Ava Kinninger

America’s Junior Miss Dance

Interview: Grayson Stafford, Maely Swaim, Chloe Avon, Layla Mullen, Miranda Herd

Audition Class: Caroline Lewis, Kendall Tetz, Everlyn Anderson, Emilee Haas, Maley Swaim

Solo Routine: Emilee Haas, Maely Swaim, Kendall Tetz, Everlyn Anderson, Caroline Lewis

Stage Presence: Camryn Tibbs, Chloe Avon, Miranda Herd, Layla Mullen, Kendall Tetz


Miranda Herd, Caroline Lewis, Layla Mullen, Evelyn Anderson, Grayson Stafford, Maely Swaim, Camryn Tibbs, Chloe Avaon, Emilee Hass, Kendall Tetz

4th Runner-up: Miranda Herd

3rd Runner-up: Layla Mullen

2nd Runner-up: Emilee Haas

1st Runner-up: Kendall Tetz

America’s Junior Miss Dance 2018-Maely Swaim

America’s Teen Miss Dance

Interview: Hunter Thomas, Lilly Beaver, Kolby Hollingsworth, Lauren Moser, Logan Dukeman

Audition Class: Lilly Sears, Kerrian Rodriquez, Kayleigh Sherrod, Lilly Beaver, Hunter Thomas

Solo Routine: Lilly Beaver, Hunter Thomas, Erica Wallace, Kerrian Rodriguez, Lilly Sears

Stage Presence: Lilly Beaver, Hunter Thomas, Brooke Johnston, Kolby Hollingsworth, Keriann Rodriguez


Erica Wallace, Lilly Beaver, Sara Nelson, Brooke Johnston, Lauren Moser, Keriann Rodriguez, Lilly Sears, Hunter Thomas, Raiyana Bearden, Kolby Hollingsworth

4th Runner-up: Brooke Johnston

3rd Runner-up: Kolby Hollingsworth

2nd Runner-up: Keriann Rodriguez

1st Runner-up: Lilly Beaver

America’s Teen Miss Dance 2018-Huter Thomas

America’s Mister & Miss Dance (Senior Age)

Interview: Christopher Irvin, Jacueline McGaha, Emma Hardy, Whitley Naylor, Mary Kimball Osborn

Audition Class: Whitley Naylor, Emma Hardy, Jayna Carson, Madelyn Alexander, Christopher Irvin

Solo Routine: Mary Kimball Osborn, Emma Hardy, Christopher Irvin, Whitley Naylor, Jayna Carson

Stage Presence: Emma Hardy, Christopher Irvin, Jacqueline McGaha, Whitley Naylor, Emily Williamson

4th Runner-up: Jayna Carson

3rd Runner-up: Mary Kimball Osborn

2nd Runner-up: Jacqueline McGaha

1st Runner-up: Emma Hardy

America’s Mister Dance 2018-Christopher Irvin

America’s Miss Dance 2018-Whitley Naylor