Rock Hill 2014

1st Gear-Recreational

2nd Gear-Intermediate

3rd Gear-Competitive
12 & under Rock Hill Top Score Winners


Buenos Aires-Championz Cheer & Dance
As Long As I’m Singing- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio
Leaving On A Jet Plane- Dance Fusion
Imagine- Academy of Dance Arts
Blackbird- Studio J DanceCenter
Boyfriend- Struttin ‘N StyleDance & TumbleCenter
Great Balls Of Fire- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio
Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend- Championz Cheer & Dance
Lollipop- Carolina Dance Company
Lovely- Rhonda’s School of Dance
Wild Horses- Extreme Dance Company
I Look To You- Academy of Dance Arts
WEPA- Championz Cheer & Dance
Love Me- Carolina Dance Company
Soul Man- Studio J DanceCenter
A Little Party- Championz Cheer & Dance
Holding On- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio
Titanium-Academy of Dance Arts
GasolineRainbows-Academy of Dance Arts
New World- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio
Hold Your Dream- Studio J DanceCenter
Material Girls- Dance Fusion
Jolly Holiday- Broadway Bound
Old School- Carolina Dance Company
GimmeGimme-Academy of Dance Arts
Hip To Be Square- Championz Cheer & Dance
Top Score Photogenic

1st-Kendall Moore- Studio Elite
12 & Under Entertainment Award

Bloom- Carolina Dance Company
12 & Under Crowd Pleaser Award

Pirates!!- Studio Elite
12 & Under Choreography Award

I Will Carry You- Palmetto Starz Dance Company
12 & Under Grand Champion Group

Let’s Go To The Movies-MintHillDanceCenter
12 & Under Top Studio

Dance Reflections
Tiny Solo 1st Gear

3rd-Firework- Struttin ‘N StyleDance & TumbleCenter

2nd-Let It Go- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

1st-Under The Sea- Championz Cheer & Dance
Tiny Solo 2nd Gear

1st-Great Balls Of Fire- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio
Mini Solo 1st Gear

5th-Gold- Struttin ‘N StyleDance & TumbleCenter

4th-Ice Cream Freeze- Struttin ‘N StyleDance & TumbleCenter

3rd-Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend- Championz Cheer & Dance

2nd-Cooties- Struttin ‘N StyleDance & TumbleCenter

1st-Burning Love- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio
Mini Solo 2nd Gear

5th-It’s All About Me-Carolina Dance Company

4th-Lovely-Rhonda’s School of Dance

3rd-We No Speak Americano- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

2nd-Let It Be-The Perfect Step Dance Studio

1st-Whole Wide World- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio
Mini Solo 2nd Gear

1st-21st Century Girl-Academy of Dance Arts
Petite Solo 1st Gear

5th-Rose’s Turn- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

4th-Zombie- Championz Cheer & Dance

3rd-Alice-Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

2nd-Mama Told Me-Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

1st-Soul Man-Studio J DanceCenter
Petite Solo 2nd Gear

3rd-I Had A Dream-Dance Reflections

2nd-Love Me-Carolina Dance Company

1st-Sassy Snow White-Dance Reflections
Petite Solo 3rd Gear

3rd-I Look To You-Academy Of Dance Arts

2nd-It Is You I Have Loved-Mint Hill Dance Center

1st-Bulletproof-Mint Hill Dance Center
Junior Solo 1st Gear

10th-Give A Little Whistle Jiminy Cricket-Broadway Bound

9th-Roar- Championz Cheer & Dance

8th-Swing With Me Baby-Studio Elite

7th-My Boyfriend’s Back-Studio J DanceCenter

6th-Holding On-Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

5th-Disappear-Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

4th-Party Girl- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

3rd-Zoot Suit Riot- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

2nd-In The Air Tonight- Championz Cheer & Dance

1st-The CupSong-SouthernDanceAcademy
Junior Solo 2nd Gear

8th-Check Me Out- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

7th-New World- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

6th-This Is Me- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

5th-Miss Independent- Championz Cheer & Dance

4th-Say Something-Dance Fusion

3rd-There’ll Be Some Changes Made-Studio J Dance Center

2nd-Give Me A Reason- Championz Cheer & Dance

1st-A Little Party- Championz Cheer & Dance
Junior Solo 3rd Gear

8th-True Colors- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

7th-Not Over You- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

6th-Titanium-Academy of Dance Arts

5th-Raise The Roof- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

4th-Blue Jeans-The Perfect Step Dance Studio

3rd-Gasoline Rainbows-Academy of Dance Arts

2nd-Say Something- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

1st-Hide & Seek- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio
Tiny Duet/Trio 1st Gear

1st-Move It Like This- Championz Cheer & Dance
Mini Duet/Trio 1st Gear

1st-Material Girls-Dance Fusion
Petite Duet/Trio 1st Gear

3rd-Jolly Holiday-Broadway Bound

2nd-Ballerina Girl-Broadway Bound

1st-Bust A Move-Studio J DanceCenter
Petite Duet/Trio 2nd Gear

5th-Skittles-Carolina Dance Company

4th-Wake Me Up- Carolina Dance Company

3rd-Held- Carolina Dance Company

2nd-Yellow-Dance Fusion

1st-Cover Girls-Dance Reflections
Petite Duet/Trio 3rd Gear

1st-Beat-Academy of Dance Arts

Junior Duet/Trio 1st Gear

3rd-When I See An Elephant Fly-Broadway Bound

2nd-Happy-Dancin Debbies

1st-There’s A Light-Broadway Bound
Junior Duet/Trio 2nd Gear

3rd-Pom Poms-Studio J DanceCenter

2nd-Bring Me To Life- Championz Cheer & Dance

1st-Hip To Be Square- Championz Cheer & Dance

Junior Duet/Trio 3rd Gear

1st-Gimme Gimme-Academy of Dance Arts
Tiny Small Group 1st Gear

8th-Heigh-Ho-Broadway Bound

7th-Make Some Noise- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

6th-It’s My Party-Carolina Dance Company

5th-Carwash- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

4th-Beautiful- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

3rd-Girls Rule- Championz Cheer & Dance

2nd-Hey Mickey-Dance Reflections

1st-Little Shop of Horrors-Dance Reflections
Mini Small Group 1st Gear

8th-Boyfriend- Struttin ‘N StyleDance & TumbleCenter

7th-Cooties-Broadway Bound

6th-Devil With A Blue Dress-Studio J DanceCenter

5th-Don’t Run Away- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

4th-Think-Southern DanceAcademy

3rd-Seacruise-Dance Fusion

2nd-These Boots Are Made For Walkin’-Dance Fusion

1st-Party Girls-Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio
Mini Small Group 2nd Gear

5th-Awakening-Academy of Dance Arts

4th-Video Killed The Radio Star-Academy of Dance Arts

3rd-Bloom-Carolina Dance Company

2nd-Boys Will Be Boys-Carolina Dance Company

1st-Snap-Carolina Dance Company
Petite Small Group 1st Gear

3rd-Mystere-Studio Elite

2nd-Consider Yourself-Broadway Bound

1st-Great Gosh Almighty-Studio Elite
Petite Small Group 2nd Gear

1st-Alice-Dance Fusion
Petite Small Group 3rd Gear

1st-Imagine-Academy of Dance Arts
Junior Small Group 1st Gear

8th-Matilda-Broadway Bound

7th-Finest Hour-Broadway Bound

6th-Pose-Studio J DanceCenter

6th-Puttin’ On The Ritz-UniversityCity Performing Arts

5th-Peanuts Glee Club-Broadway Bound

4th-Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Broadway Bound

3rd-Life Upon The Wicked Stage- Broadway Bound

2nd-Fat Sam’s Grand Slam- Broadway Bound

1st-Candy Man-Southern Dance Academy
Junior Small Group 2nd Gear

9th-Wait, Keep Watching- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

8th-Mean Girls- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

7th-Who Dunnit?-Dance Fusion

6th-Runaway Baby- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

5th-Cat On A Hot Tin Roof- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

5th-Black Cat White Cat- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

4th-Diamonds-Dance Fusion

4th-Georgia On My Mind- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

3rd-Leaving On A Jet Plane-Dance Fusion

2nd-Jump Shout Boogie-Dance Reflections

1st-Buenos Aires- Championz Cheer & Dance
Junior Small Group 3rd Gear

3rd-Falling In Love- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

2nd-Dr. Feelgood- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

1st-As Long As I’m Singing- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio
Tiny Large Group 1st Gear

1st-Splish Splash-Carolina Dance Company
Mini Large Group 1st Gear

5th-Oliver!-Broadway Bound

4th-Lets Party- Struttin ‘N StyleDance & TumbleCenter

3rd-We Like To Party-Studio Elite

2nd-New YorkNew York- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

1st-Every Season- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio
Petite Large Group 1st Gear

3rd-9ine to 5ive- Championz Cheer & Dance

2nd-Blackbird-Studio J DanceCenter

1st-Leader Of The Pack- Championz Cheer & Dance
Petite Large Group 2nd Gear

5th-Bang Bang-Studio J DanceCenter

4th-Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’-Studio J DanceCenter

3rd-It’s My Party- Championz Cheer & Dance

2nd-Cruisin For A Bruisin-Dance Reflections

1st-Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That-Dance Reflections
Junior Large Group 1st Gear

1st-Can’t Stop The Rock-SouthernDanceAcademy
Junior Large Group 2nd Gear

1st-Never Alone-Studio J DanceCenter
Junior Large Group 3rd Gear

1st-Let’s Go To The Movies-MintHillDanceCenter
Petite Super Group 1st Gear

1st-Pirates!!-Studio Elite
Petite Super Group 2nd Gear

1st-I Will Carry You-Rhonda’s School of Dance
Petite Super Group 3rd Gear

1st-Every Heart-Carolina Dance Company
Junior Super Group 2nd Gear

1st-I Am Me-Rhonda’s School of Dance
Junior Super Group 3rd Gear

1st-Janet-Academy of Dance Arts

3rd-Wizard Of Oz- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

2nd-Enter The Circus-Dance Fusion

1st-Charlie And The Chocolate Factory-Dance Reflections

13 & Up Top Score Winners

Oh My Lord-Rhonda’s School Of Dance
Mama’s Broken Heart- Championz Cheer & Dance
Widows- Dancin Debbies
Planet Earth- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio
A ThousandYears-MintHillDanceCenter
Dueling Guitars-MintHillDanceCenter
Mr. Pinstripe Suit-Dance Reflections

Reflections-Broadway Bound
Stronger-Carolina Dance Company
Down To The River To Pray- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio
Devil In Me- Championz Cheer & Dance
A Soldier’s Life-Dance Reflections
Retrograd-Academy of Dance Arts
If My Friends Could See Me Now-UniversityCity Performing Arts
Safe And Sound-Dance Fusion
Good Morning-Broadway Bound
Manifeste-Academy of Dance Arts13 & Up Top Score Photogenic

1st-Shelby Howell-Dance Reflections
13 & Up Entertainment

I Lived-Carolina Dance Company
13 & Up Crowd Pleaser

Distortion-Dance Reflections
13 & Up Choreography

Bottom Of The River-Just Dancin’ Dance Studio
13 & Up Grand Champion

Ice Ice Baby/Under Pressure Mashup-Broadway Bound
13 & Up Top Studio

Dance ReflectionsTeen Solo 1st Gear

3rd-Girls Talkin Bout- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

2nd-Berlin-Southern DanceAcademy

1st-The Call- Championz Cheer & DanceTeen Solo 2nd Gear

10th-Sleeping Beauty Variations-Dance Fusion

9th-Long Distance-Studio Elite

8th-Hollywood-Dance Fusion

7th-Mr. Pinstripe Suit-Dance Reflections

6th-Bottom of The River-Rhonda’s School of Dance

5th-Let Me Dance For You-Broadway Bound

4th-Show Off-Broadway Bound

3rd-Who You Are- Championz Cheer & Dance

2nd-Reflections- Broadway Bound

1st-Your Daddy’s Son- Broadway Bound
Teen Solo 3rd Gear

10th-PYT-Dance Reflections

9th-Party-Carolina Dance Company

8th-Bring Me To Life-MintHillDanceCenter

7th-Titanium-Carolina Dance Company

6th-Warrior-Academy of Dance Arts

5th-Porcelain- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

4th-Dueling Guitars-MintHillDanceCenter

3rd-Shelter- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

2nd-Room For You-Dance Reflections

1st-Toxic- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio
Senior Solo 1st Gear

10th-This Is What You’ve Been Waiting For- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

9th-Workin’ For A Livin’- Championz Cheer & Dance

8th-Wild Horses- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

7th-Nobody Knows- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

6th-Turn Up The Music-Studio J DanceCenter

5th-Always True To You- Broadway Bound

4th-Taylor The Latte Boy- Broadway Bound

3rd-Diva’s Lament- Broadway Bound

2nd-Don’t Be The Bunny- Broadway Bound

1st-Hit Me With A Hot Note- Broadway Bound
Senior Solo 2nd Gear

10th-What Hurts The Most-Studio Elite

9th-Don’t Panic-Dance Fusion

8th-Beautiful-University City Performing Arts

7th-Baby Girl-Studio Elite

6th-Save The Last Dance-Studio Elite

6th-Daylight-University City Performing Arts

5th-Natural Woman-Dance Fusion

4th-Devil In Me- Championz Cheer & Dance

3rd-Young And Beautiful- Championz Cheer & Dance

2nd-Let’s Hear It For Me- Broadway Bound

1st-Let It Go- Broadway Bound
Senior Solo 3rd Gear

10th-Ain’t No Ther Man- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

9th-Seventeen-Academy of Dance Arts

8th-Retrograde-Academy of Dance Arts

7th-Felling Good-Dance Reflections

7th-Down To The River To Pray- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

6th-Crazy- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

5th-Titanium-Dance Reflections

4th-Happy- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

3rd-Listen To My Heart-Jami Masters School Of Dance

2nd-A Soldier’s Life-Dance Reflections

1st-Wicked Game-Dance Reflections
Teen Duet/Trio 1st Gear

3rd-Well, Well, Well-UniversityCity Performing Arts

2nd-If My Friends Could See Me Now-University City Performing Arts

1st-Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend-Studio Elite
Teen Duet/Trio 2nd Gear

3rd-Two Black Cadillacs- Championz Cheer & Dance

2nd-Dancin’ Fool-Studio J DanceCenter

1st-Safe & Sound-Dance Fusion
Teen Duet/Trio 3rd Gear

3rd-Feedback-Carolina Dance Company

2nd-Rock Your Soul-MintHillDanceCenter

1st-Break The Silence- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio
Senior Duet/Trio 1st Gear

1st-Footloose-Studio J DanceCenter
Senior Duet/Trio 2nd Gear

5th-Finish Line- University City Performing Arts

4th-Calabria-Studio Elite

3rd-Moulin Rouge (Satine & Christian)- Broadway Bound

2nd-Send In The Clowns- Broadway Bound

1st-Good Morning- Broadway Bound
Senior Duet/Trio 3rd Gear

3rd-Heavy In Your Arms- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

2nd-Permanent-Dance Reflections

1st-Manifeste-Academy of Dance Arts
Teen Small Group 1st Gear

5th-Funhouse- University City Performing Arts

4th-Defying Gravity-University City Performing Arts

3rd-Love My Life-Studio J DanceCenter

2nd-Can’t Turn Me Loose-Carolina Dance Company

1st-Where Them Girls At-Studio J DanceCenter

Teen Small Group 2nd Gear

3rd-Distortion- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

2nd-Sweet Dreams- Championz Cheer & Dance

1st-Mama’s Broken Heart- Championz Cheer & Dance
Teen Small Group 3rd Gear

5th-Vibeology- Academy of Dance Arts

4th-Landline- Academy of Dance Arts

3rd-A ThousandYears-MintHillDanceCenter

2nd-Vouge-Carolina Dance Company

1st-Bottom Of The River- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio
Senior Small Group 1st Gear

3rd-People Help The People- Championz Cheer & Dance

2nd-Beautiful Girls- Broadway Bound

1st-Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life- Broadway Bound
Senior Small Group 2nd Gear

5th-Rhythm And Blue-Studio Elite

4th-No Man- University City Performing Arts

3rd-On The Town- Broadway Bound

2nd-Songs For A New World- Broadway Bound

1st-Elegance- Broadway Bound
Senior Small Group 3rd Gear

8th-Saint James Ballroom-Rhonda’s School of Dance

7th-Call The Law-Dance Reflections

6th-Fragile-Rhonda’s School of Dance

5th-Widows- Academy of Dance Arts

4th-Royal T- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

3rd-And I Know It-SouthernDanceAcademy

2nd-Can’t Buy Me Love- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

1st-Your Love-Dance Reflections
Teen Large Group 1st Gear

1st-Body Electric- Broadway BoundTeen Large Group 2nd Gear

5th-Miami Beats-Studio Elite

4th-Planet Earth- Xtreme EDGE Dance Studio

3rd-Here I Go Again- Championz Cheer & Dance

2nd-Oh My Lord-Rhonda’s School of Dance

1st-I Love The Way You Lie-Rhonda’s School of Dance
Teen Large Group 3rd Gear

5th-One-Carolina Dance Company

4th-Pretty Hurts-Dance Reflections

3rd-Dancing In The Sky- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio

2nd-I Lived-Carolina Dance Company

1st-Whip It- Just Dancin’ Dance Studio
Teen Super Group 2nd Gear

1st-Distortion-Dance Reflections
Senior Large Group 1st Gear

1st-Okalhoma!- Broadway Bound
Senior Large Group 2nd Gear

5th-Bridge Over Troubled Water- Broadway Bound

4th-And We Danced-SouthernDanceAcademy

3rd-A Little Party-SouthernDanceAcademy

2nd-The Gumby Cat- Broadway Bound

1st-Ice Ice Baby/Under Pressure Mashup- Broadway Bound
Senior Large Group 3rd Gear

1st-Move-Dance Reflections

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