Winston Salem Williams


Yankee Doodle Boy-Dancin Debbies

My Hero-The Dance Loft

Black Bird- Starz In Step Dance Academy

Dynamite-Institute of Divine Arts

I Took The Night- The Dance Loft

The Way You Make Me Feel- The Dance Loft

Demon- Institute of Divine Arts

Shake- Dancin Debbies

One Two Step- Steppin Out Studio

You Better Werk- Ultimate Dance Studio

Searching For Solace- CC Dance Company

Can’t Touch This- Dancin Debbies

Stray Cat Strut-Starz In Step Dance Academy

A Little Party- Steppin Out Studio

B.A.D.- Ultimate Dance Studio

Landslide-CC Dance Company

California Girls-Starz In Step Dance Academy

Applause-Ultimate Dance Studio

Hit Me Up-Steppin Out Studio

Shake It Up-Elite Dance of Durham


Top Score Photogenic

1st-Ashley McBride- Ultimate Dance Studio


Entertainment Award

Afro Circus- Dancin Debbies


Crowd Pleaser Award

Little Dolls-Studio K


Choreography Award

Self Destruction- The Dance Loft


10 & Under Grand Champion Group

Bell Hop Boogie- Dancin Debbies


11 & Up Grand Champion Group

Self Destruction- The Dance Loft


Production Grand Champion

Enter The Circus-Chatham Dance Connection


Top Studio

The Dance Loft


Tiny Solo 1st Gear

1st-This Little Girls Gone Rockin- Dancin Debbies


Mini Solo 1st Gear

5th-Walk The Dinosaur- Dancin Debbies

4th-A Real Wild Child- Dancin Debbies

3rd-My Accessory- The Dance Loft

2nd-Carwash- Dancin Debbies

1st-Dynamite- Institute of Divine Arts


Mini Solo Vocal 1st Gear

1st-Let It Go- CC Dance Company


Petite Solo 1st Gear

10th-Work- Institute of Divine Arts

9th-The Girl I Want To Be- The Dance Loft

8th-Crusin For A Brusin- Dancin Debbies

7th-Applause- The Dance Loft

7th-I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Institute of Divine Arts

6th-Shake Senora- Dancin Debbies

6th-Gone- Ultimate Dance Studio

5th-I Took The Night- The Dance Loft

4th-Reflections- Institute of Divine Arts

3rd-Heads Will Roll- Dancin Debbies

2nd-My Hero- The Dance Loft

1st-Rockin On Top Of The World- Dancin Debbies


Junior Solo 1st Gear

5th-Going In- Institute of Divine Arts

4th-Your Hands- Studio K

3rd-King Of New York- Dancin Debbies

2nd-The Way You Make Me Feel- The Dance Loft

1st-My Feet Can’t Fail Me Now- Dancin Debbies


Junior Solo 2nd Gear

1st-One Rock’N Roll Too Many- Institute of Divine Arts


Tiny Duet/Trio 1st Gear

1st-You’ve Got A Friend In Me- Ultimate Dance Studio


Tiny Duet/Trio 2nd Gear

1st-Stray Cat Strut- Starz In Step Dance Academy


Mini Duet/Trio 1st Gear

1st-Dream- The Dance Loft


Mini Duet/Trio 2nd Gear

1st-Roar- Starz In Step Dance Academy


Petite Duet/Trio 1st Gear

5th-Timber- Dancin Debbies

4th-Holding On Too- The Dance Loft

3rd-Masquerade- The Dance Loft

2nd-Can’t Touch This- Dancin Debbies

1st-Technologic- Dancin Debbies


Junior Duet/Trio 1st Gear

3rd-B.A.D.- Ultimate Dance Studio

2nd-A Sister’s Love- The Dance Loft

1st-Proud Mary- Dancin Debbies


Tiny Small Group 1st Gear

5th-Shake It Up- Elite Dance of Durham

4th-What Does The Fox Say- Dancin Debbies

3rd-Shake- Starz In Step Dance Academy

2nd-Teacher’s Pet- The Dance Loft

1st-Waka Waka- Dancin Debbies


Tiny Small Group 2nd Gear

1st-California Girls- Starz In Step Dance Academy


Mini Small Group 1st Gear

5th-The Rehearsal- Chatham Dance Connection

4th-My Boyfriends Back- Dancin Debbies

3rd-Fashion Is My Kyrptonite- Dancin Debbies

2nd-At The Hop- Chatham Dance Connection

1st-Little Dolls- Studio K


Petite Small Group 1st Gear

10th-Step Up- Ultimate Dance Studio

9th-Damaged- Elite Dance of Durham

8th-Come Home- Chatham Dance Connection

7th-My Kind Of Wonderful- Studio K

6th-Dance Til You’re Dead- Starz In Step Dance Academy

5th-It Must Have Been Love- Starz In Step Dance Academy

4th-Fireball0 Chatham Dance Connection

3rd-These Boots Are Made For Walking- Dancin Debbies

2nd-Vogue- Dancin Debbies

1st-Bell Hop Boogie- Dancin Debbies


Junior Small Group 1st Gear

8th-Extra, Extra- Ultimate Dance Studio

7th-Get Low- The Dance Loft

6th-Get Ready- Dancin Debbies

5th-Me And My Girls- Ultimate Dance Studio

4th-My Kind Of Guy- The Dance Loft

3rd-Get On Your Feet- Dancin Debbies

2nd-Let’s Get Down- The Dance Loft

1st-Self Destruction- The Dance Loft


Junior Small Group 2nd Gear

1st-We Are Who We Are…- Starz In Step Dance Academy


Tiny Large Group 1st Gear

1st-Disco Ducks- Dancin Debbies



Mini Large Group 1st Gear

3rd-Afro Circus- Dancin Debbie’s 

2nd-Hallelujah- The Dance Loft

1st-My Boyfriend’s Back- The Dance Loft


Mini Large Group 2nd Gear

1st-Open Waters- Starz In Step Dance Academy


Petite Large Group 1st Gear

1st-Keep On Dancing- Studio K


Junior Large Group 1st Gear

3rd-Justin- Starz In Step Dance Academy

2nd-Cut- The Dance Loft

1st-Hit Me Up- Steppin Out Studio


Teen Solo 1st Gear

3rd-Grace- The Dance Loft

2nd-Shake- Dancin Debbies

1st-Anything Goes- Dancin Debbies


Teen Solo 2nd Gear

1st-Back It Up- Dancin Debbies


Senior Solo 1st Gear

3rd-Warrior- The Dance Loft

2nd-Almost Lover- The Dance Loft

1st-Clown- Chatham Dance Connection


Senior Solo 2nd Gear

5th-You Better Werk!- Ultimate Dance Studio

4th-Stay- CC Dance Company

3rd-Searching For Solace- CC Dance Company

2nd-All Of Me- Dancin Debbies

1st-Can’t Help Falling In Love- CC Dance Company


Senior Duet/Trio 1st Gear

3rd-Let’s Get Ridiculous- Ultimate Dance Studio

2nd-A Little Party- Steppin Out Studio

1st-Jealous Of The Angels- The Dance Loft


Senior Duet/Trio 2nd Gear

1st-Medicine0 CC Dance Company


Teen Small Group 1st Gear

7th-Just A Dream- Chatham Dance Connection

6th-Bleeding Out- Dancin Debbies

6th-Mein Herr- Starz In Step Dance Academy

5th-Bounce- The Dance Loft

4th-Welcome To Wonderland- Chatham Dance Connection

3rd-Suzi- Dancin Debbies

2nd-Brandenburg- Studio K

1st-A Man Like That- Dancin Debbies


Senior Small Group 1st Gear

3rd-Thrifty- Ultimate Dance Studio

2nd-Wrecked- Ultimate Dance Studio

1st-Sophisticated Lady- The Dance Loft


Senior Small Group 2nd Gear

3rd-Ashes Like Snow- CC Dance Company

2nd-Landslide- CC Dance Company

1st-Nosey Joe- CC Dance Company


Adult Small Group 2nd Gear

1st-All Hyped Up- Ultimate Dance Studio


Teen Large Group 1st Gear

3rd-Applause- Ultimate Dance Studio

2nd-Go Down Singing- Ultimate Dance Studio

1st-Give Us A Little Love- Starz In Step Dance Academy

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