About Us

Meet the 2023 National Title Holders

Dance Machine Philosophy:

Competition is not about “beating out others” but improving yourselves, appreciating what you have learned and acknowledging others accomplishments, everything else is icing on the cake!

2021 is our 21st Season at Dance Machine.  We are the flagship and original competition of the ANDC Family Of Competitions and Conventions.  Dance Machine is the home to America’s National Dance Championships and the America’s Mr & Miss Dance National Titles Competition.  Our commitment is to bringing you the best possible competition and convention experience for each dancer, parent, and teacher. We are proud to be a  Member of the ADCC (Association of Dance Competitions & Conventions) Join us in 2021 and become part of the Dance Machine Family!

At all of our events we have Professional Sound, Lighting, and Marley Flooring.

Every dancer and teacher get FREE Photo & Video of each routine they perform in at regional and nationals. 

We provide studios with High Quality Professional Video Critiques.

We only have one stage at all competitions, we do not run multiple stages at any of our events.

We are known for having Knowledgeable and Understanding Judges that have diverse backgrounds.  

At Dance Machine ANDC…It’s Not About the HYPE…its about a Positive Experience!!!

Dance Machine Productions began as Footsteps Dance Competition and held one small competition in 2001. In 2002 Footsteps Dance Competition became Dance Machine.

At Dance Machine Productions all participating studios, schools, and organizations should give quality dance instruction, have high moral standards, be and remain in good standing in their communities. Dance Machine Competitions are designed to be a positive learning experience and opportunity for everyone to be recognized for their accomplishments. A competition where everyone is treated equal regardless if you have one entry or one hundred entries. Studios that do not uphold a positive attitude and values will be asked not to return to our events in the future.

We want every aspect of your competition experience with Dance Machine to be positive and pleasant.

We offer Twenty competition categories, Seven Overall Age Divisions, and Three Competition Levels.

What makes Dance Machine different?

We are nice to everyone and handle each situation as fair as possible.
We are organized and stay on or ahead of schedule at every regional competition
We have one of America’s most respected dance title competitions, where well-rounded dancers are given the opportunity to grow as a person and a dancer.
We are honest and fair…we do not show favoritism to a studio just because they bring the most routines or have the biggest check. Everyone is on equal ground!
We encourage studios owners, teachers, and dancers to get to know each other and have a sense of family…this makes our nationals like a BIG FAMILY reunion year after year!!!

If you’re interested in learning more about us, need entry fees, or need online entry instructions please contact us.

We always welcome teachers to call or e-mail with any questions…we are here to help you.