America’s Miss Dance: Jacquelyn McGaha  (Elite Dance Center)

America’s Mister Dance: Jonah Carrel  (Main Street Dance)

America’s Teen Miss Dance: Gwyn Reep (Alternative Steps Dance Studio)

America’s Junior Miss Dance: Lyndsey Ledbetter (Centre of Performing Arts)

America’s Petite Miss Dance: Lela Carrel  (Main Street Dance)

America’s Petite Mister Dance: Nathaniel Wiles  (Melanie Pascal’s Dance Creations)

America’s Mini Dance: Addison Swain (Elite Dance Center)

America’s Mini Dance: Brayson Stewart (Be Famous Dance Center)

2019-2020 Titles Semi-Finalist Information

The America’s Mister & Miss Dance National Titles Competition was founded in 2001.  This program is not about the BEST dancer, but the search for well-rounded dancers with leadership qualities.  The program is designed to help dancers take their life skills to the next level.  Many dancers have stated over the years that participation in this program has made them more confident going into college interviews, scholarship and dance auditions, job interviews, and with public speaking.  They make friends that last a lifetime.  At America’s Mister and Miss Dance we do not select “winners” but rather a “representative” from a group of Winners.  All Semi-Finalist receive FREE Video of on stage categories and Awards Ceremony.  They are also awarded a partial  scholarship to the Gear-Up Dance Convention for the following season.

**Titles Ages for Nationals will be based on your age as of January 1st, 2019**

Age Divisions

  • Mini Miss/Mister Dance 6-8
  • Petite Miss/Mister Dance 9-10
  • Junior Miss/Mister Dance 11-12
  • Teen Miss/Mister Dance 13-14
  • America’s Miss/Mister Dance 15-19

Title Contestants Compete in the following categories:

Interview (35%)  Semi-Finalist will meet with judges in a closed room for a conversation where the judges can ask questions to get to know the semi-finalist. For Interview Semi-Finalist should be dressed in Church/Business Attire.

Group Dance/Audition Class (20%) A group routine (Jazz Style) will be learned in a closed Audition.  Judges will come in after the routine is learned and judge the semi-finalist.  Females wear a Black Leotard and tan/dark tan tights with jazz shoes, hair needs to be pulled out of the face in a ponytail or bun. Males wear black shorts or pants with a black t-shirt or tank top and jazz shoes.

Solo Routine (35%) This is your solo routine, your chance to shine individually it will be performed during the national competition. You are required to compete your solo in the National Championships or your score in the title competition for your solo will be dropped. You will be judged by two separate panels at the same time.

Stage Presence (10%) For this category semi-finalist wear a formal evening dress for females and suit/tie or tux for males to wear for this category.Semi-Finalist will walk out on the stage as a group in choreographed walking formations ending in a semi-circle. Mini, Petite, & Junior Semi-Finalist will introduce themselves at the Microphone with their name and  number.  Then in the Teen & Senior age Divisions, each semi-finalist will step up to the microphone to introduce themselves…with their name, number, and then an answer to the random question given to them that day.  All semi-finalist in a division will have the same question. This will be in front of an audience and judges.

GRAND AWARDS CEREMONY: Evening Attire will be worn for the Grand Awards on Friday night.  Preliminary Awards will be presented in each area of Preliminary Competition: Interview, Group Dance/Audition Class, Evening Attire, and Solo Routine. There will be several sponsor awards, the announcement of Finalist and farewells of 2018 title holders will be done…culminating with the crowning/awarding of the 2019 National Title Holders.

We encourage the audience to dress nicely, especially semi-finalist parents, teachers, and family.  You never know when there might be a photo opportunity and you always want to look your best.

There is an Application Fee for Semi-Finalist…this will be paid to your studio and sent in with their national entries.  Teachers will be able to enter the titles competition ONLINE.  **Solo Entry in the national competition is required for title semi-finalist in addition to the TITLE Entry**