At Dance Machine, we encourage studio spirit and fellowship among studios. If you come with an attitude of we are “here to win” or “here to beat others,” then this is not the competition for your studio/school. We promote an environment of positive energy and growth of the students.

Dance Machine philosophy: Competition is not about “beating out others” but improving yourselves, appreciating what you have learned and acknowledging others' accomplishments. Everything else is icing on the cake!

Studio directors may contact our office for entry fees and online registration information. 

Every dancer and studio receives FREE PHOTO AND VIDEO of all routines they perform at Regional Competitions, National Championships, and the National Titles Competition!!!

Dance Machine is part of the America’s National Dance Championships (ANDC) Family of Competitions & Conventions.

Dance Machine as a part of the ANDC Family of Competitions & Conventions expects all studios that participate in events to maintain a high moral standard, keep a positive attitude, and encouraging nature. Dance Machine is designed to be a learning experience and an opportunity for everyone to be recognized for their accomplishments. We offer twenty categories, three competition levels, six overall age divisions, a titles division, and many fun and free divisions to show your studio’s spirit. Dance Machine promotes a family-geared environment. Routines that are seductive, contain explicit lyrics, and suggestive material could result in substantial point deductions. We expect all entries to be appropriate for family viewing. We also expect all parents, teachers, and dancers to use good moral character and values at the competition. We encourage good sportsmanship!!! Not following these moral guidelines could cause a studio to be asked not to return to our events.